Where will you be at the end of 2020

Where will you be at the end of 2020

The year is almost done, the DECADE is almost finished. We are entering a new era in my head. We are entering 2020, the year where THIS TIME THINGS WILL BE DIFFERENT.

The energy is different and the goals and dreams are bigger and higher. So what can we do to make a change this time? Do you feel you are the same person as you were in 2015, 2016, 2019?! What have changed within you and in your life, or not? I am getting more aware every day, I am getting a better and clear vision of what I want in this LIFE.

First thing I want is to LOVE myself and ACCEPT myself. To give myself everything I want and deserve. I want to live full and die empty. Everything I want in this life has to be done, experienced and lived. I AM MAKING A CHANGE A REAL CHANGE THIS TIME.

I have lived in pain for so long, I have been undermining myself for too long, I have not looked at myself properly and told myself I LOVE YOU, TRULY for a long while. I cannot live like this anymore, and I know I am not the only one. I know many feel the same, and want to excel emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.


How are you going to do this and how will you start? I have come up with a plan. The small steps plan, everyday I have to do something as little as eating healthy, staying hydrated or writing in my diary. Every little step we take will at the end make the difference as it will add up to the bigger goals and dreams.

Get yourself a piece of paper and write down your goals and dreams for 2020. Then write the months of the year and break your goal down to make it smaller and to fit in each month. Now break down the month in weeks and write down for each week what things and steps you have to do and take to reach your monthly goal.

Goals should not only be money or work related but also:



Self education

Self love



End of 2020 I will for sure and proudly say I am a different Eman than the year 2019.

I would like to know your thoughts and your experiences. What are the things that you do to make a difference in your daily life?


Life never stops teaching

Life never stops teaching

How many of you think that one day they will be free from problems? How many of you think they will be free from worry or free from the less-good things happening in their life?

I personally think we will never be free of any of that at all, unless you are dead. Then you have no problems at all. You will be then worry free, stress free, problem free, anxiety free. fd9e02ea-10b3-4d56-8991-7a637350e5db

Why is this? Because life never stops teaching and we will never stop learning. In order for us to grow and to get somewhere amazing we have to keep learning, it just never stops! And don’t feel bad about this, because it is actually a good thing! WHY? Because it means that you are developing yourself and becoming a better YOU! Sometimes growth is fun, and sometimes it is less fun and we have to dig through the dirt to see the sunlight.

When I realized this today I felt a bit of heaviness off my shoulders, because the moment of being free of all that will never be here, and it is something that I do not and CANNOT chase. The road that kept leading me into a wall is not on the map anymore, I have erased it. Instead I see it from a new different perspective. Every level has its challenges, and see them as FUN challenges, the ones where you get to know yourself better and go more inwards.

We will not suffer when we grow and reach our goals. Absolutely not, as a matter a fact I think we become even better at solving problems and at “worry”, because we know how to handle it and worry even less. We will become more peaceful with life and with ourselves and allow ourselves to grow. But you have to allow yourself to rise, do not Pas de promessesresist or it will only hurt you even more.

We become a better version, more polished and get through life much easier and with more joy. But before we can enjoy that version of our (future) self, we have to understand that life will never stop teaching and we will never stop learning.

Here is to rising higher and enjoying the sunlight. Cheers!

Meaning Of Life

Meaning Of Life

How many more blogs can I ever write with the title “Meaning Of Life”?.

As I was sitting in the subway yesterday, my eyes fell on this old man holding a laptop bag. He looked really tired, it was the end of a working day, so fair enough. But he didn’t only look tired, he looked drained from his daily life. BUT who am I to judge, maybe I just didn’t see it well, OR I just misunderstood what I saw.

I just felt sorry for this old man, he looked like he was 60 years of age, maybe a bit older. I started wondering what he had done with his life. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Not that I am living the life that I have always wanted. I still don’t know my complete destiny, and there are many days where I doubt myself and feel down. But I cannot complain, I thank my God every day. I just feel that I have to make people aware of life and the meaning of it while I am looking for it myself and share my experiences. 

BACK to the point! I wish that people will find their own meaning of life, as in asking themselves what they think life is and actually follow their path to freedom. I wish that for everyone because we are all souls that want to discover life and not work ourselves to death and regret the things we have not done in our healthy years.

My meaning of life is going back to the core of your soul, developing and being as spiritual as you can be. That means, accepting life as we see it, help to make the world a beautiful place for yourself and for others, and follow your destiny.

 Being the light ūüôāScreen Shot 2017-03-08 at 6.53.23 PM

New year’s resolution

New year’s resolution

Yes, it’s almost new year, a little more than two weeks left and we are off to 2015.

Soooo it’s time for some¬†NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS!

I know that many people do not even do it anymore because……, well what’s the point of having them and not really following it. Anyways, GUILTY! I have stopped with new year’s resolutions since two years ago. BUT I couldn’t help it but write a list of my resolutions on the first of January 2014. I must say, I did achieve some of my main goals, such as,¬†

  • Graduated for my Bachelor degree in International Business
  • Ran two full marathons 26.6 (Rotterdam & Stockholm)
  • Saved some money
  • Grew spiritually¬†

However, these are just four main goals out of a list of probably 100 other resolutions. And I’m sure if I had enough discipline I would have done 99 others this year. Anyways, no worries, life is so kind to us, that it will give us another shot, another year, another chance. Anyyyyyways enough about me, lets talk about¬†YOUR NY RESOLUTIONS.¬†Where do people even start with their lists, I mean we want so much, how do we know what to do first, how long should a list be. Is it really something that can change my life.

Okay for the last question, no it is not because you have to be willing to change your life. SO lets start!

How to create a perfect list with your New Year’s Resolutions (the NYR list)

  1. Priorities. You have to know what you want first before getting to your next goal. 
  2. Your list should be divided into 4 parts (jan, feb, mar) (apr, may, june) (july, aug. sep) (oct, nov, dec). This way you will be able to see where you want to be at each stage of the year, and it’s a very clear view for yourself and your mind.
  3. Try not to list more than 20 goals, each part of the calendar will have 5 goals. It’s perfectly achievable and you will not disappoint yourself. If you know you can handle more, if you feel you are doing great and you want to challenge yourself, feel free do that along the way. Do not put much pressure on yourself when the year haven’t even started yet!
  4. Write your list on an A3 size paper if you wish and hang it behind your door or anywhere where you can see it everyday. 
  5. Put some pictures or words/affirmations/quotes on your list so it will keep you motivated.
  6. You can also buy a notebook to keep on track of what you have done so far and what your next step will be (breaking down your goals will keep you motivated and will let you understand that each small step that you are taking will be as important as the big one)
  7. Visualize and imagine how your life will be on December 2015.

Good luck!!!!