Where will you be at the end of 2020

The year is almost done, the DECADE is almost finished. We are entering a new era in my head. We are entering 2020, the year where THIS TIME THINGS WILL BE DIFFERENT.

The energy is different and the goals and dreams are bigger and higher. So what can we do to make a change this time? Do you feel you are the same person as you were in 2015, 2016, 2019?! What have changed within you and in your life, or not? I am getting more aware every day, I am getting a better and clear vision of what I want in this LIFE.

First thing I want is to LOVE myself and ACCEPT myself. To give myself everything I want and deserve. I want to live full and die empty. Everything I want in this life has to be done, experienced and lived. I AM MAKING A CHANGE A REAL CHANGE THIS TIME.

I have lived in pain for so long, I have been undermining myself for too long, I have not looked at myself properly and told myself I LOVE YOU, TRULY for a long while. I cannot live like this anymore, and I know I am not the only one. I know many feel the same, and want to excel emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.


How are you going to do this and how will you start? I have come up with a plan. The small steps plan, everyday I have to do something as little as eating healthy, staying hydrated or writing in my diary. Every little step we take will at the end make the difference as it will add up to the bigger goals and dreams.

Get yourself a piece of paper and write down your goals and dreams for 2020. Then write the months of the year and break your goal down to make it smaller and to fit in each month. Now break down the month in weeks and write down for each week what things and steps you have to do and take to reach your monthly goal.

Goals should not only be money or work related but also:



Self education

Self love



End of 2020 I will for sure and proudly say I am a different Eman than the year 2019.

I would like to know your thoughts and your experiences. What are the things that you do to make a difference in your daily life?


3 Exercises without (almost) exercising

Many of my friends who saw my YouTube video of last Sunday, have sent me many great comments and compliments and it is much appreciated!!! Thank you all ❤

In addition to my video, I am sharing with you a few things that you can do so you will enjoy the present moment more and add meaning to your life.

1. When your energy is not aligned with the higher source (Universe, God, Spirit), you will feel very negative, sad, annoyed, irritated, and or angry. Sometimes the smallest things can trigger those feelings in us. To go back to your positive self, just stop what you are doing and take a couple of deep breaths. Close your eyes and say to yourself (loud or in silent) “Life IS beautiful, NOW!”, say it 3-5 times and open your eyes. Look at everything around you and realise the colours, the forms, shapes, sounds and relax.

2. This is what I like to do most of the time when I do not feel like I can be in the now because my mind cannot stop thinking. I would like to go for a run somewhere in nature, I have to at least be surrounded by water or trees (nature). I love getting everything out of my system that is negative with every step I take. But instead of running, you can go cycling, go for a drive or take a walk.

3. Read. Knit. Drink coffee/tea/juice. Eat something you really want. Play an instrument. Write. Draw. Sing. Whatever you enjoy doing, just do that for a little 30 min. Smile when you are doing it, be in the moment of what you are doing. Observe yourself and feel it! Feel that you are singing, hear your voice (whether nice or not, WHO CARES), feel the emotions that arise in you! You will feel much more relaxed and happy by the time you finish or stop.

Sometimes we feel it is difficult to be in the present moment because we think too much about past and future. But all that we have to realise is that NOW is the moment we are living in, and NOW needs all our attention. Whatever happened, already happened, and whatever is coming is already coming. When you are in the moment and you enjoy your life, the future will change, it will change for the better, because you have such positive vibration, IT’S THE LAW!

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 5.44.13 PM

Stockholm marathon

Last week Saturday I ran the Stockholm marathon, it was in one word AMAZING!

The day before I went out, not such a great idea but I did have lots of fun, so I do not regret that for sure. The next day I woke up on time had a good breakfast and took my stuff and went to the Stadium. Lots of people were there, many supporters and a great atmosphere. Everybody was ready for the marathon!

So I changed into my SuperMaani outfit, got ready and went to the bathroom one more time just in case. Then I headed to the starting line. I was alone but that was okay.

People started running at a slow pace in the beginning, and I took it slow as well. Over 16,000 runners were there to run this amazing marathon in this beautiful city Stockholm.

I enjoyed every bit of it, Stockholm is so beautiful! The weather was great, first it was raining a bit and then the sun was shining. The volunteers were great as well as the supporters along the side. They had many snacks at the power stations which was great, it’s good to have a variety of snacks while running.

I was dressed up in pink as SuperMaani. Many little girls along the way pointed at me and their parents. I couldn’t help it but to give them all a high five, and waving at them. I did feel like a SuperWoman running the marathon. The feeling I had while running was just great, it felt like a meditation. The route was amazing and the places that where we were running was great! Although the hills made it a bit harder than I expected. I was amazed by the types of people I saw, old and young, “fat” and slim, all of these people were just so happy and I loved to see them all running.

I got so tired after 38KM, I couldn’t move anymore and walked for almost 3KM. Then when I reached the last KM I started running fast! And there I was again at the stadium, I saw the finish line and took a sprint! I was so happy and emotional, my second marathon is now history, I DID IT AGAIN!!!!

At the finish they were giving massages to the runners, beer, snacks and hotdogs. I went and picked up my marathon t-shirt and had some snacks. A friend of mine picked me up and took me to the hotel.

That evening I just snuggled in my bed with lots of snacks watched 2 movies and slept like a baby!

The next day I woke up early and was ready to meet another friend and enjoy Stockholm one more time.

Next year I will definitely go and run again, a marathon like this is hard to miss.

I’m a happy marathon finisher 🙂

SuperMaani outfit
SuperMaani outfit
Packing my stuff and heading to the marathon
Packing my stuff and heading to the marathon
Ready to go
Ready to go
!6,000 + runners
16,000 + runners
Happy finisher
Happy finisher
The shirt and the medal
The shirt and the medal
Going back home, but first enjoying the sun
Going back home, but first enjoying the sun
Stockholm from the sky
Stockholm from the sky