Monday Motivation

I arrived at work, said good morning to my colleagues and got myself a cup of coffee. It’s Monday morning again and you can see it on people’s faces. Oohh they look so happy (being sarcastic is one of my strong points). And as I was checking my mailbox I heard some of my colleagues talking about the re-organization. They might be the next to leave, so they were talking about what will happen and if they have a plan B.

One of them said, well I guess I have to start looking for a new job again, I don’t have a back-up plan… I do have a business plan of 24 years ago when I was still in University. ‘A BUSINESS PLAN THAT IS STILL THERE FOR 24 YEARS’ yelled my mind. What did it do for 24 years??? Were you waiting for the idea to jump out of the paper and start working for itself? Or was it fear that was holding you back… Maybe people told you how stupid your idea was. Or you were searching for security so you took a job at a company where you have been working for many many many years.

And I was right, in this situation, it was the “security” that he was looking for. Security? A secure job? Haha, please don’t make me laugh. I think it is even more SECURE to work out your dream than working for someone else. Because SOMEDAY, SOMEONE might (more or less WILL) kick you out of their company, because THEY don’t need you anymore for their dreams.

What a morning… again the universe is sending me signals, and words and people and circumstances where my faith and knowledge is being confirmed. Work on your dream UNTIL you live it, BECAUSE THIS IS YOUR LIFE.  


Goals everyone should have for 2015

There are some things that many people should work on in 2015, and all the other years while they are still alive. Yes, I’ve thought this through and I made a list for people who would like to improve their lives. You know when some people just keep being negative and insecure and very empty… just empty.

Those people you talk with for hours, they feel motivated for 10 seconds and fall back into their old habits. Couple of days later, they come again at their pep talker and start complaining about the same things all over again. Sad… isn’t it? But it’s not your fault.

Probably you did give them the best motivational speech, where at some point you feel like you are going to write a book, speak to audience and feel like you have your life all together, you just gave an amazing pep talk. Yet people tend to fall back again. Some just don’t want to see that that what they are doing or what people are doing to them is wrong. Aggg, it’s all so emotional. Yes it is! Now here is my list for those ‘life is too bad too sad’ people. And remember, i’m just trying to help.

Here we go

  1. Attitude for gratitude (YES PLEASE)! We have so much in our lives, and we should thank the highest powers and energies and gods and prophets and family and friends and ourselves!

  2. Those who do not give you the right energy for you to stay positive, enjoy life and move forward need to get out of your way, or even better, LIFE!!!

  3. Stop over thinking situations that already happened and those that will happen. Really, STOP IT. I had this bad habit and to be honest it’s the worst, it’s so bad, this should be number 1 of this list. Anyway, what has happened is already gone and what will happen has not yet arrived, so what’s the big deal?

  4. Do not take things personally, seriously, some people analyze someones behavior or a situation and they feel attacked immediately. No stop it, you are not the center of the universe and you should take things very lightly. I’m sure you will light up. If people are negative, or they want to talk about others or behind my back. PLEASE, be my guest. But no offence, i’m really not that interested in what has been said about me or the rest of the humans on earth.

  5. Perfectly said number 4, because this is goes hand in hand with number 5. DON’T WORRY ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT YOU, YOUR PASSION, YOUR DREAMS, YOUR RELATIONSHIPS, AND IN GENERAL YOUR LIFE. Small minded people… what can say about them…ummmm, really nothing!

  6. Smile more, some has this harsh expression on their face, which they have to wear since the day they were born till they die. Please let it look like a sunshine, or a flower, or just a beautiful soul. Say cheeeeeeese 😀

  7. Eat some sweetness, don’t be so hard on yourself, everybody needs chocolate cake when they are down.

  8. Appreciate what you have accomplished so far. Yes, you did an amazing job coming to my blog and read all the fun stuff haha. All “jokes” aside, be proud of what you have done and what you will do.

  9. Give compliments and say nice words to those who really matter. Everybody loves to hear that they have been doing good so far and they are appreciated and noticed by those around them.

  10. Make it an amazing 2015!

dear self