A change in habits

My sister bought a very interesting book about habits last weekend. After every paragraph she stopped and shared with me some interesting facts. While I was making my profiteroles, I listened half to what she had to say. And then one thing caught my attention.

Some people say that they want to change the situation they are in, or “always” end up in. This can and WILL be changed by one thing; habit!

Hmmm… interesting I said, while melting some chocolate for my profiteroles. Then she started reading an example given in the book. This person has been observed during a period of time to see what will happen when someone changes a behavior. What are the outcomes when a bad habits falls out of someones’ system.


A young lady who failed in almost all her classes, she smoked, she was eating unhealthy, she was always tired, she was overweight and she felt unhappy. She changed one little thing, just one thing, and that changed all the other situations in her life… SHE STOPPED SMOKING. This led her to work on her discipline, she started eating healthy (automatically, but I believe that’s just the way your brain works), she started exercising, losing weight, graduated from the university, and felt happy.

Just one thing changed the whole cycle of bad habits, and “bad” situations. HUH! This is funny, maybe I should stop smoking as well and see what magical moments are waiting for me…

Anyways, change ONE bad habit and see the cycle that makes you feel like going into circles break down.

I forgot the name of the book, however, I will ask my sister and I will post it later on my blog.

Good luck sweet readers!!!

Your standards are your LIFE

I’m currently reading a very good book from Anothony Robbins ‘Awaken the giant within.’ I just started reading two days ago and I already love it!. This man is a genius, he just knows what to say to touch you in a way that you can’t help but really CHANGE and take ACTION.

He touched on a point where I would like to talk about, YOUR STANDARDS OF LIFE. The higher the standards you put on YOUR life, the better the quality of living will be, and I AGREE. It shows in people’s life what they think they deserve!

At work I have heard many colleagues complaining about how they are struggling to pay off their bills, that it is impossible for them to go shopping or to have a well deserved holiday at the desination of their dreams. But it’s their fault, they are doing this to themselves. BECAUSE nobody told them to do the work they are doing now and living the life they are living now. It is the CHOICE they made to settle with less than they desire.

You get what you attract, you get where you focus goes, and you get what you complain about the most. Life does not know what is right from wrong, what is good and what is bad. It simply delivers what you ask, talk and think about the most.

Back to the standards… HIGH standards means that you will vibrate on a higher frequency and attracting higher and most importantly POSITIVE energy. But it’s not just signing a contact with yourself and sit back and relax, it means taking action and keeping those high standards by your side to REMIND you what you are worth and what you demand and wish for.

Tonight I am making a list of my standards, what I want and nothing less, and you should too.

Life is too short to live just to survive, instead follow your heart and EARN what you deserve!!!