Full Moon Meditation

Hello fellow Human beings,

I feel so much attracted to this month’s full moon. Mostly it is about healing and letting go of old things that we hang on to and welcome new beginnings. It is time to heal as we are moving pretty fast into this year and I am sure you want to continue with clean energy. It is time to make things happen.

The challenge will be the over-thinking part, so don’t be afraid or angry at yourself when you catch yourself over-thinking a situation. Observe the thought, smile, and imagine it passing by like a cloud. If that doesn’t help, try to focus on your breath or be full aware of what you are doing at the moment. For example if you are walking, feel your legs taking a step, feel the ground, put your attention to the muscles that are moving and how the rest of your body is participating in the walking.

With that being said I have a very nice meditation that I would like to share with you. Below I will take you step-by-step from beginning to end and I hope you will have a great experience. Please share it with me if you wish, I would love to hear from you.

  1. Drink a glass of water. As you do this, think of positive changes you want to make in your life.
  2. Write those down on a piece of paper.
  3. Sit or lay down (I prefer to sit because I fall asleep easily) and take 7 deep breaths. When you feel completely calm bring your attention to your heart.
  4. Ask your heart, what is it that hurts you the most now. You might start feeling emotional, angry, sad, fearful etc. Don’t run away from the feeling and don’t open your eyes. Just look at this emotion/feeling and observe it. What is it doing, does it have a color, how is it acting with your mind and body.
  5. Ask the feeling why it is there, and what it has taught you during this time.
  6. When you get an answer say to yourself loud and clear: “I understand the lesson, I have learned it now, I let go of this situation and or feeling with ease and grace into the Universe”.
  7. Visualize and see it that this feeling is going up into the Universe.
  8. When you feel that you are calm and safe, take again 7 deep breaths.
  9. Now imagine the full moon full of positive energy, sending it your way (what you want to change and improve).
  10. Ask for guidance and ask how to move further with what you want to change. Any ideas coming up write it down.
  11. When you have got everything you feel you need say the following: “I accept the guidance of the Universe, I let the Universe show me all the right ways to move forward, I am ready to move forward”.
  12. Take 7 deep breaths, with every breath you take, feel the positive energy going into your body.
  13. Open your eyes and drink a glass of water.

I hope this will help you clear some energy and make you move forward. Nameste.



Your standards are your LIFE

I’m currently reading a very good book from Anothony Robbins ‘Awaken the giant within.’ I just started reading two days ago and I already love it!. This man is a genius, he just knows what to say to touch you in a way that you can’t help but really CHANGE and take ACTION.

He touched on a point where I would like to talk about, YOUR STANDARDS OF LIFE. The higher the standards you put on YOUR life, the better the quality of living will be, and I AGREE. It shows in people’s life what they think they deserve!

At work I have heard many colleagues complaining about how they are struggling to pay off their bills, that it is impossible for them to go shopping or to have a well deserved holiday at the desination of their dreams. But it’s their fault, they are doing this to themselves. BECAUSE nobody told them to do the work they are doing now and living the life they are living now. It is the CHOICE they made to settle with less than they desire.

You get what you attract, you get where you focus goes, and you get what you complain about the most. Life does not know what is right from wrong, what is good and what is bad. It simply delivers what you ask, talk and think about the most.

Back to the standards… HIGH standards means that you will vibrate on a higher frequency and attracting higher and most importantly POSITIVE energy. But it’s not just signing a contact with yourself and sit back and relax, it means taking action and keeping those high standards by your side to REMIND you what you are worth and what you demand and wish for.

Tonight I am making a list of my standards, what I want and nothing less, and you should too.

Life is too short to live just to survive, instead follow your heart and EARN what you deserve!!!