The simple things in life

To be able to enjoy your life and be simply happy doesn’t sound so simple at all. Many people say they will be happy when this happens or when that special person comes into their life or when they get a promotion. The problem with this attitude is that you will probably never be simply happy in your life. There is always something else waiting for us when we accomplish a goal.

Many of us don’t see how lucky we are to be alive, to be healthy, to have a job, to have food on the table and a roof above our heads. These things are taken so much for granted, just because these things are the ‘basics’ of life. When as a matter of fact, THAT is luxury.

It is a luxury to be alive in a free country, where you can speak your mind and do what you want. It is a BIG LUXURY to be healthy, walking and running and talking and moving and playing and working and traveling and reading without feeling any pain or being limited. It is a luxury to have food in your stomach and going to sleep in a warm bed. It is a luxury to have clothes to choose from in the morning, clean water to drink, and be able to go to the movies once in a while.

If you can not see how lucky you are now, you will never be happy. The attitude that you show when you have the “simple” things in life with bring you the “bigger” things you desire. Going on a holiday far away, lying on the beach, sipping on your cocktail will mean nothing and it won’t even add anything to your happiness if you are not well.

Luxury is when you recognize how lucky you are and how blessed you are in your daily life. Anything else that comes after that is just a temporary happy thing. It won’t keep you satisfied for the rest of your life.

How many times do you feel sad when coming back from a very nice holiday, or when a great party just finished, or when you phone broke and you have to get a new one. Temporary happiness is fine and you need some of that in your life, but don’t let it take your focus away from the true happiness that you already have.

In the end the simple things in life are what count the most.

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The powerful meditation of Osho

A little over a year ago I was reading a book from Osho, 112 Meditations to Discover the Mystery Within. THE MYSTERY WITHIN INDEED.

I tried one of the meditations while I was in college (back then, I’m so happy i’m done), and I was in shock. This powerful meditation is just amazing! Osho described one of the meditations, I call it the ‘I AM’ meditation. After I did it, I saw everybody was sleeping.

The meditation:

Close your eyes and say the words ‘I am’, say it with awareness that you ARE, feel it in your being and feel your body being here and now. Feel your presence. You might feel your heaviness, you might feel you weight fully sitting on a chair or lying on your bed. You are, you are here and now! Then open your eyes and look at the people around you. I did it at school, I looked at my watch and said it for one minute.

When I looked up, I saw all the students sleeping. I could feel their thoughts not being aware of what they are doing. Just walking around like robots and not know why they are doing what they do. This really showed me that people are always somewhere else with their mind, either in the past or future and never in the here and now.

Someone that is present with their mind look differently, they look beautiful. Do this meditation and look at nature. You will feel that you are becoming one with the flowers and the trees and the water. It will make YOU  aware to be in the NOW.

Many people say that time goes by so fast lately, but I think it is not when you are in the NOW. Because the now is the moment that will go on forever.


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Stay committed

One of the most powerful things that I have ever read from the book ‘Awaken the giant within’ by Anthony Robbins.

“You need to set and live by these *standards no matter what happens in your life. Even if it all goes wrong, even if it rains on you parade, even if the stock market crashes, even if your lover leaves you, even if no one gives you the support that you need, you still must stay committed to your decision that you will live your life at the highest level.”

*The standards that you have set up for yourself to live the life you want!

A change in habits

My sister bought a very interesting book about habits last weekend. After every paragraph she stopped and shared with me some interesting facts. While I was making my profiteroles, I listened half to what she had to say. And then one thing caught my attention.

Some people say that they want to change the situation they are in, or “always” end up in. This can and WILL be changed by one thing; habit!

Hmmm… interesting I said, while melting some chocolate for my profiteroles. Then she started reading an example given in the book. This person has been observed during a period of time to see what will happen when someone changes a behavior. What are the outcomes when a bad habits falls out of someones’ system.


A young lady who failed in almost all her classes, she smoked, she was eating unhealthy, she was always tired, she was overweight and she felt unhappy. She changed one little thing, just one thing, and that changed all the other situations in her life… SHE STOPPED SMOKING. This led her to work on her discipline, she started eating healthy (automatically, but I believe that’s just the way your brain works), she started exercising, losing weight, graduated from the university, and felt happy.

Just one thing changed the whole cycle of bad habits, and “bad” situations. HUH! This is funny, maybe I should stop smoking as well and see what magical moments are waiting for me…

Anyways, change ONE bad habit and see the cycle that makes you feel like going into circles break down.

I forgot the name of the book, however, I will ask my sister and I will post it later on my blog.

Good luck sweet readers!!!

Goals everyone should have for 2015

There are some things that many people should work on in 2015, and all the other years while they are still alive. Yes, I’ve thought this through and I made a list for people who would like to improve their lives. You know when some people just keep being negative and insecure and very empty… just empty.

Those people you talk with for hours, they feel motivated for 10 seconds and fall back into their old habits. Couple of days later, they come again at their pep talker and start complaining about the same things all over again. Sad… isn’t it? But it’s not your fault.

Probably you did give them the best motivational speech, where at some point you feel like you are going to write a book, speak to audience and feel like you have your life all together, you just gave an amazing pep talk. Yet people tend to fall back again. Some just don’t want to see that that what they are doing or what people are doing to them is wrong. Aggg, it’s all so emotional. Yes it is! Now here is my list for those ‘life is too bad too sad’ people. And remember, i’m just trying to help.

Here we go

  1. Attitude for gratitude (YES PLEASE)! We have so much in our lives, and we should thank the highest powers and energies and gods and prophets and family and friends and ourselves!

  2. Those who do not give you the right energy for you to stay positive, enjoy life and move forward need to get out of your way, or even better, LIFE!!!

  3. Stop over thinking situations that already happened and those that will happen. Really, STOP IT. I had this bad habit and to be honest it’s the worst, it’s so bad, this should be number 1 of this list. Anyway, what has happened is already gone and what will happen has not yet arrived, so what’s the big deal?

  4. Do not take things personally, seriously, some people analyze someones behavior or a situation and they feel attacked immediately. No stop it, you are not the center of the universe and you should take things very lightly. I’m sure you will light up. If people are negative, or they want to talk about others or behind my back. PLEASE, be my guest. But no offence, i’m really not that interested in what has been said about me or the rest of the humans on earth.

  5. Perfectly said number 4, because this is goes hand in hand with number 5. DON’T WORRY ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT YOU, YOUR PASSION, YOUR DREAMS, YOUR RELATIONSHIPS, AND IN GENERAL YOUR LIFE. Small minded people… what can say about them…ummmm, really nothing!

  6. Smile more, some has this harsh expression on their face, which they have to wear since the day they were born till they die. Please let it look like a sunshine, or a flower, or just a beautiful soul. Say cheeeeeeese 😀

  7. Eat some sweetness, don’t be so hard on yourself, everybody needs chocolate cake when they are down.

  8. Appreciate what you have accomplished so far. Yes, you did an amazing job coming to my blog and read all the fun stuff haha. All “jokes” aside, be proud of what you have done and what you will do.

  9. Give compliments and say nice words to those who really matter. Everybody loves to hear that they have been doing good so far and they are appreciated and noticed by those around them.

  10. Make it an amazing 2015!

dear self