A zen story

A man walking in the night slipped and fell from a rocky path. Afraid he

would fall down thousands of feet, because he knew that just at the edge

of the path was a very deep valley, he grabbed hold of a branch that was

overhanging the edge. In the darkness of night all he could see below him

was a bottomless abyss. He shouted and his own shout was reflected

back– there was nobody to hear him.

You can imagine that man, and his whole night of torture. Every

 moment there was death below, his hands were becoming cold, he was losing

his grip… but he managed to hold on, and as the sun came out he

looked down… and he laughed! There was no abyss. Just six inches

below his feet there was a rock ledge. He could have rested the whole

night, slept well– the ledge was big enough– but instead, the

whole night was a nightmare.

The fear is not more than six inches deep. Now it is up to you whether you

want to go on clinging to the branch and turn your life into a nightmare, or

whether you would love to leave the branch and stand on your feet.

There is nothing to fear.


The powerful meditation of Osho

A little over a year ago I was reading a book from Osho, 112 Meditations to Discover the Mystery Within. THE MYSTERY WITHIN INDEED.

I tried one of the meditations while I was in college (back then, I’m so happy i’m done), and I was in shock. This powerful meditation is just amazing! Osho described one of the meditations, I call it the ‘I AM’ meditation. After I did it, I saw everybody was sleeping.

The meditation:

Close your eyes and say the words ‘I am’, say it with awareness that you ARE, feel it in your being and feel your body being here and now. Feel your presence. You might feel your heaviness, you might feel you weight fully sitting on a chair or lying on your bed. You are, you are here and now! Then open your eyes and look at the people around you. I did it at school, I looked at my watch and said it for one minute.

When I looked up, I saw all the students sleeping. I could feel their thoughts not being aware of what they are doing. Just walking around like robots and not know why they are doing what they do. This really showed me that people are always somewhere else with their mind, either in the past or future and never in the here and now.

Someone that is present with their mind look differently, they look beautiful. Do this meditation and look at nature. You will feel that you are becoming one with the flowers and the trees and the water. It will make YOU  aware to be in the NOW.

Many people say that time goes by so fast lately, but I think it is not when you are in the NOW. Because the now is the moment that will go on forever.


osho quote

Aloneness vs Loneliness

So many people want to have a relationship yet they don’t even know how to maintain one.

In my opinion, one should know how to be alone without feeling lonely before they can get into any relationship. But this is the problem, some people can’t distinguish aloneness and loneliness. The word aloneness does not exist, I know, but I will name it like that. There is a difference between these two words that should be understood. Aloneness if being full, loneliness is being empty.

People want to get into a relationship because they feel lonely, so in order to get rid of this feeling they try to find someone to share their loneliness with. And even if they get into a relationship, they still feel lonely because they are not being understood by the other person, they argue a lot, they feel tension, they are scared of showing the real person that lives inside of them in silence and let the fake person be all load and dominating the relationship.

Well, if you can’t be alone then you can’t be in a relationship. All of this happens because the person does not know how to be alone, and what it actually means and can do to you.

Being alone is discovering who you truly are, and what a great person you are. You cannot fake yourself for yourself. You become fully aware of what you want and love to do. You have to enjoy your own company before someone else does. It is that simple. If you feel lonely and you want to have someone, then you don’t like to be with yourself, alone. And why is that? If you feel miserable why are you trying to fix it outside yourself with someone else. If you do notice that this feeling arises that you are lonely go and discover WHY you don’t like being alone with yourself and WHY you need someone.

I truly believe that if you are fully satisfied with yourself and you know who are and what you like to do and how you want to be, then you will attracted the right person to be with. I also believe that if one find himself, they will understand what eternity is and what it feels like to have many possibilities and opportunities in this world.

You will then enter a relationship with no stress, knowing who you are and having a firm base. Nobody wants a weak person, it’s like poison. You poison the relationship with insecurities, hate, jealousy and anger.

Transform the loneliness feeling into aloneness, and once you have done that you will be open for a relationship. Without aloneness you will be more lonely and far away from yourself.

You are a beautiful being, so enjoy the time you spend with yourself and allow yourself to truly understand who you are.


*Inspired from the book Being in love by Osho