You create yourself

We build ourselves with the choices we make every day, deciding to do something, or not.

When you leave your house in the morning, you will not come back being the same person. You have changed during the day, simply by the choices you have taken that day. Who you hanged out with? What were you thinking, positive or negative thoughts? Did you actually DO what you wanted to DO and know you have to DO or did you slack in discipline and left it?

Be aware of what you are doing today because you are creating the person you will be tomorrow. If you are not happy with yourself at the moment remember that you brought yourself to that position. You have to take responsibility for that and fully understand it. Do not blame anyone for where you are now at the moment but yourself.

So now that you know that you BUILD yourself and you CREATED this person that you are now what would be your next step? Are you going to do the things you NEED to do in order to become the person you want to be tomorrow?

Surround yourself with people who you see yourself with when you are successful, take the choices that you would take if you were already that person that you want to be. Ask yourself, will I do it like this or that if I was already where I want to be? Chances are NO, you would probably take different decisions because you would have a different mind-set, different priorities, you see things differently.

Therefor, be aware of what you are thinking today, what you are eating, what you are doing, who you hang out with, and build yourself from there. Become the person you WANT to be.

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What if you had just one more day

What would you say to yourself?

What are the things you wish you could have done?

What would you say to people you love/family/friends?

How would you treat people?

Would you give more?

Would you smile to strangers?

Would you accept yourself?

Would you LOVE yourself more?



New year’s resolution

Yes, it’s almost new year, a little more than two weeks left and we are off to 2015.

Soooo it’s time for some NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS!

I know that many people do not even do it anymore because……, well what’s the point of having them and not really following it. Anyways, GUILTY! I have stopped with new year’s resolutions since two years ago. BUT I couldn’t help it but write a list of my resolutions on the first of January 2014. I must say, I did achieve some of my main goals, such as, 

  • Graduated for my Bachelor degree in International Business
  • Ran two full marathons 26.6 (Rotterdam & Stockholm)
  • Saved some money
  • Grew spiritually 

However, these are just four main goals out of a list of probably 100 other resolutions. And I’m sure if I had enough discipline I would have done 99 others this year. Anyways, no worries, life is so kind to us, that it will give us another shot, another year, another chance. Anyyyyyways enough about me, lets talk about YOUR NY RESOLUTIONS. Where do people even start with their lists, I mean we want so much, how do we know what to do first, how long should a list be. Is it really something that can change my life.

Okay for the last question, no it is not because you have to be willing to change your life. SO lets start!

How to create a perfect list with your New Year’s Resolutions (the NYR list)

  1. Priorities. You have to know what you want first before getting to your next goal. 
  2. Your list should be divided into 4 parts (jan, feb, mar) (apr, may, june) (july, aug. sep) (oct, nov, dec). This way you will be able to see where you want to be at each stage of the year, and it’s a very clear view for yourself and your mind.
  3. Try not to list more than 20 goals, each part of the calendar will have 5 goals. It’s perfectly achievable and you will not disappoint yourself. If you know you can handle more, if you feel you are doing great and you want to challenge yourself, feel free do that along the way. Do not put much pressure on yourself when the year haven’t even started yet!
  4. Write your list on an A3 size paper if you wish and hang it behind your door or anywhere where you can see it everyday. 
  5. Put some pictures or words/affirmations/quotes on your list so it will keep you motivated.
  6. You can also buy a notebook to keep on track of what you have done so far and what your next step will be (breaking down your goals will keep you motivated and will let you understand that each small step that you are taking will be as important as the big one)
  7. Visualize and imagine how your life will be on December 2015.

Good luck!!!!


You are a present to life

It is a shame that people don’t see the greatness that is hidden in them and with this blog I would like to remind you how great you are.

We all came to this earth with a purpose, and that purpose is your goal in this life. You have all the talent and qualities that you need for this particular dream of you, you just have to dig a little bit and get them out of the box. What you have within you is something special, it’s unique, that is why we all have different dreams in life that we want to reach. What I want you to do is use those talents to get you where you want to go, and along the way you will learn and improve those beautiful talents.

Never think that you are here on earth for no reason, that you are here to work 40 hours a week and take care of others and forgetting yourself. You have to find out what you really want and like to do in your life. Remember that we only have one life, and that we should live it to the max!

When you make a list with all of your goals that you want to accomplish before exiting this life you have to remember that you are writing these goals because you know you can do it. The subconscious mind knows that you can do it, you just have to remember again what you are capable of. When you align with your goals and dreams, the universe will start working with you. Although it might not always goes as planned and how you wanted, but it doesn’t matter how you go, all that matters is your learning experience and reaching your destination.

You are a beautiful soul, and you can do so much beautiful things in in this life and for the people around you. You are truly a present to this life, you make it happier, and more adventurous. The universe will not be the same without you, it will not draw so many smiles without you, it will be totally out of balance if you were not here. Chase your dreams and be proud to inspire people with your story.

You have what it takes to become the person you have always wanted to be and dreamed to be. Dig into your box and get your talents out there. You and you only can do it, and should believe that it is possible!!!!


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