100 happy days

A little more than 3 months ago I started a challenge, the 100 happy days challenge.

AND yesterday was my last day of posting a picture of my 100 happy days (of course not the end of my happiness). The challenge was to post each day a picture, a happy moment as I call it. Even on my worst days I still had to “search” for a happy moment. That is the challenge, you can’t skip a day! I HAD TO POST IT.

The failing percentage for this challenge is a little bit more than 70%, and I wanted to know if I belong to this group or still finish it despite of the challenges that we face in our daily lives.

When I look back I must say that I am VERY PROUD of myself. My subconscious mind has probably changed as well because I reached and did some awesome things in the past 3 months.

  • Got a job which I REALLY needed because I had to save up some money for an amazing adventure. They even extended my contract twice, and yesterday was the third time (yeaaa, more money to save!)
  • Blessed with my supportive brother and sisters
  • Glad that my parents took good care of me when I was ill
  • Started exercising on a more regular basis
  • Run a PR for the 21.1 KM distance
  • Booked my ticket to my dream destination
  • Ran a marathon
  • Visited a new city, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Got a spiritual healing
  • Turned 27 years young and accepted the getting “older” process
  • Accepted that people will find their own paths in life and say goodbye to you
  • Ate delicious food without feeling guilty
  • Started drinking more water
  • Started to make motivation videos
  • Started my own Facebook page Maanitalk
  • Gave away an amazing book to one of my followers
  • Started a blessing list (and I continue to add more things every day that I’m grateful for)
  • Did volunteer work
  • Met Nick Vujicic and took a selfie with him (haha)
  • Met new and amazing people
  • Had many many many cappuccino’s
  • Took some pretty nice selfies

To me, this challenge was about one simple fact… THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING TO BE HAPPY ABOUT. Very simple.

I encourage everybody to start this great challenge, and see for yourself what it will do to you and your life.

Let the HAPPY days continue, because life is great and God is good 🙂


Link to start the challenge—> click here

Stockholm marathon

Last week Saturday I ran the Stockholm marathon, it was in one word AMAZING!

The day before I went out, not such a great idea but I did have lots of fun, so I do not regret that for sure. The next day I woke up on time had a good breakfast and took my stuff and went to the Stadium. Lots of people were there, many supporters and a great atmosphere. Everybody was ready for the marathon!

So I changed into my SuperMaani outfit, got ready and went to the bathroom one more time just in case. Then I headed to the starting line. I was alone but that was okay.

People started running at a slow pace in the beginning, and I took it slow as well. Over 16,000 runners were there to run this amazing marathon in this beautiful city Stockholm.

I enjoyed every bit of it, Stockholm is so beautiful! The weather was great, first it was raining a bit and then the sun was shining. The volunteers were great as well as the supporters along the side. They had many snacks at the power stations which was great, it’s good to have a variety of snacks while running.

I was dressed up in pink as SuperMaani. Many little girls along the way pointed at me and their parents. I couldn’t help it but to give them all a high five, and waving at them. I did feel like a SuperWoman running the marathon. The feeling I had while running was just great, it felt like a meditation. The route was amazing and the places that where we were running was great! Although the hills made it a bit harder than I expected. I was amazed by the types of people I saw, old and young, “fat” and slim, all of these people were just so happy and I loved to see them all running.

I got so tired after 38KM, I couldn’t move anymore and walked for almost 3KM. Then when I reached the last KM I started running fast! And there I was again at the stadium, I saw the finish line and took a sprint! I was so happy and emotional, my second marathon is now history, I DID IT AGAIN!!!!

At the finish they were giving massages to the runners, beer, snacks and hotdogs. I went and picked up my marathon t-shirt and had some snacks. A friend of mine picked me up and took me to the hotel.

That evening I just snuggled in my bed with lots of snacks watched 2 movies and slept like a baby!

The next day I woke up early and was ready to meet another friend and enjoy Stockholm one more time.

Next year I will definitely go and run again, a marathon like this is hard to miss.

I’m a happy marathon finisher 🙂

SuperMaani outfit

SuperMaani outfit

Packing my stuff and heading to the marathon

Packing my stuff and heading to the marathon

Ready to go

Ready to go

!6,000 + runners

16,000 + runners

Happy finisher

Happy finisher

The shirt and the medal

The shirt and the medal

Going back home, but first enjoying the sun

Going back home, but first enjoying the sun

Stockholm from the sky

Stockholm from the sky


My long distance run

As many of you have seen on my instagram, I had a long distance run of 23.10km yesterday.

It went well, however at the end I ran out of water and I had to go home because I was so thirsty, I also did not feel my legs because I was so tired. I got a little bit discouraged because I have my full marathon next week Sunday and I felt that I will not be able to do it. BUT I thought to myself if I can run 23km I should be able to finish the other 19km with ease and grace!

Many people around me don’t believe that I’m able to finish it (and maybe they are right), but what people say does not matter, the only thing that matters is what I think I’m able to do. And if I never thought I can run a full marathon, I would have never signed up for one in the first place. This is my passion and I will do it, even if it means crawling to the finish line, I will do it!

So before I went out and hit the road I had another great energy smoothie.


  • 1 banana
  • 2 slices of pineapple
  • 2 dl yogurt
  • 1 tsp of honey

Image Image