Sitting on the floor in the shower

I had a so-so week where I had many ups and also many downs.

Sometimes I just feel like I am selling myself short, I know I can do more, and yet I am still overthinking many things. Although I am working on making it better and actually go and give my full potential.

Yesterday was a very good day, I went for a run (note: in the rain), and then I took myself out on a date to the movies. I love the movies, I love popcorn and soda, and the combination with a big screen is my ideal date. So I went and spend some time with myself and just be on my own. I love to do things on my own, it is so much fun and it really feels like freedom.

Today however, I felt a little bit down, maybe because the weekend is finished, it is full moon, I woke up grumpy or whatever the reason may be. I did not feel myself today and so I took a long shower and sat on the floor. Crying my eyes out. And I allowed myself to do so. It is OK to do so.


I did not judge myself, I did not feel sorry for myself, I did not think I was a sad girl with all the worries of the world on my shoulder. 

I let it all out, and now I am writing this blog. To let you all know, that sometimes we have amazing days and sometimes we have days that are less amazing but are still amazing because we are alive and there is another chance waiting for us to try and give it our all. And that is the blessing and the gratitude we need to show ourselves and the universe.

May it provide more and more of the amazing days for us.

Thanks for reading!

Meaning Of Life

How many more blogs can I ever write with the title “Meaning Of Life”?.

As I was sitting in the subway yesterday, my eyes fell on this old man holding a laptop bag. He looked really tired, it was the end of a working day, so fair enough. But he didn’t only look tired, he looked drained from his daily life. BUT who am I to judge, maybe I just didn’t see it well, OR I just misunderstood what I saw.

I just felt sorry for this old man, he looked like he was 60 years of age, maybe a bit older. I started wondering what he had done with his life. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Not that I am living the life that I have always wanted. I still don’t know my complete destiny, and there are many days where I doubt myself and feel down. But I cannot complain, I thank my God every day. I just feel that I have to make people aware of life and the meaning of it while I am looking for it myself and share my experiences. 

BACK to the point! I wish that people will find their own meaning of life, as in asking themselves what they think life is and actually follow their path to freedom. I wish that for everyone because we are all souls that want to discover life and not work ourselves to death and regret the things we have not done in our healthy years.

My meaning of life is going back to the core of your soul, developing and being as spiritual as you can be. That means, accepting life as we see it, help to make the world a beautiful place for yourself and for others, and follow your destiny.

 Being the light 🙂Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 6.53.23 PM

Goals everyone should have for 2015

There are some things that many people should work on in 2015, and all the other years while they are still alive. Yes, I’ve thought this through and I made a list for people who would like to improve their lives. You know when some people just keep being negative and insecure and very empty… just empty.

Those people you talk with for hours, they feel motivated for 10 seconds and fall back into their old habits. Couple of days later, they come again at their pep talker and start complaining about the same things all over again. Sad… isn’t it? But it’s not your fault.

Probably you did give them the best motivational speech, where at some point you feel like you are going to write a book, speak to audience and feel like you have your life all together, you just gave an amazing pep talk. Yet people tend to fall back again. Some just don’t want to see that that what they are doing or what people are doing to them is wrong. Aggg, it’s all so emotional. Yes it is! Now here is my list for those ‘life is too bad too sad’ people. And remember, i’m just trying to help.

Here we go

  1. Attitude for gratitude (YES PLEASE)! We have so much in our lives, and we should thank the highest powers and energies and gods and prophets and family and friends and ourselves!

  2. Those who do not give you the right energy for you to stay positive, enjoy life and move forward need to get out of your way, or even better, LIFE!!!

  3. Stop over thinking situations that already happened and those that will happen. Really, STOP IT. I had this bad habit and to be honest it’s the worst, it’s so bad, this should be number 1 of this list. Anyway, what has happened is already gone and what will happen has not yet arrived, so what’s the big deal?

  4. Do not take things personally, seriously, some people analyze someones behavior or a situation and they feel attacked immediately. No stop it, you are not the center of the universe and you should take things very lightly. I’m sure you will light up. If people are negative, or they want to talk about others or behind my back. PLEASE, be my guest. But no offence, i’m really not that interested in what has been said about me or the rest of the humans on earth.

  5. Perfectly said number 4, because this is goes hand in hand with number 5. DON’T WORRY ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT YOU, YOUR PASSION, YOUR DREAMS, YOUR RELATIONSHIPS, AND IN GENERAL YOUR LIFE. Small minded people… what can say about them…ummmm, really nothing!

  6. Smile more, some has this harsh expression on their face, which they have to wear since the day they were born till they die. Please let it look like a sunshine, or a flower, or just a beautiful soul. Say cheeeeeeese 😀

  7. Eat some sweetness, don’t be so hard on yourself, everybody needs chocolate cake when they are down.

  8. Appreciate what you have accomplished so far. Yes, you did an amazing job coming to my blog and read all the fun stuff haha. All “jokes” aside, be proud of what you have done and what you will do.

  9. Give compliments and say nice words to those who really matter. Everybody loves to hear that they have been doing good so far and they are appreciated and noticed by those around them.

  10. Make it an amazing 2015!

dear self