I took it for granted

I took it for granted

The way of life has changed, was used be normal will never be normal again. We are entering a new level of normal, a different normal. But not how it used to be. And to me it feels like an era has come to an end, 2020 is indeed a new beginning to many. Thinking back, I feel like I have taken many things for granted. Though I can not turn back time, I did learn (and I think many of us) that we have to be grateful for everything in life.

Starting today, make it a priority to make a list of the things you are grateful for. Or take 3 minutes of your time to think about the things you are grateful for. Lift up your mood, mention the little things that you wouldn’t otherwise think of. Such as being able to hear, to feel, to smell, to taste. The little things in the end is what really matters. Your health that you might take for granted. Your legs, your arms and your heart. All healthy and working, be thankful for that. Even though if you’re not healthy a 100% or you have things that might limit you from doing certain activities, be thankful you are alive and breathing. Be thankful that you are you and you get to live another day. For some, they have taken their last breath last night.

Attitude for gratitude will make times like this easier and more bearable. Take care of yourself, stay safe and be mindful.

God bless 🤲🏼❤️

Useless advice

Useless advice

We are all walking around giving people advice that need it and tell everyone what to do and how to solve their problems.

What you preach, you have to practise yourself. What is the use of giving advice when you don’t even follow your own? Many say you have to be patience in life and what not, yet when they are waiting in line at the supermarket they count the seconds.

People tell others to be nice and accepting of everyone and not to discriminate, yet when someone is different then them, they will be first one to point out the differences.

Everyone posts on their social media to follow dreams, to go after what they want, to be positive, that happiness comes from within, yet all they do is complaining about their daily jobs and how bad they hate it. How they are unhappy and they are not living the life they wish to live.

If you are a walking spiritual – religious – positive – happy guru, why don’t you take your own advice? Why is it that we have solutions for everyone but ourselves?

We are too scared to look within, and our minds want to occupy the empty space that we have to solve our own problems with someone’s problems. We love to solve other people’s problems, we want to hear more complaining, more rumors, more problems because at least we are turning the focus on someone else.

You can always help others, but don’t forget your own life. We can not forget ourselves, our beautiful souls need healing too. We need someone that can listen to us too. Not hearing our complains, but hearing our pain and help us heal it.

When the time has passed, it will be too late to start thinking about what we could have done, should have done, should have healed, could have tried.

Why is it that on our deathbeds we start thinking about our life, why don’t we think about it now that we are alive!


Goals everyone should have for 2015

Goals everyone should have for 2015

There are some things that many people should work on in 2015, and all the other years while they are still alive. Yes, I’ve thought this through and I made a list for people who would like to improve their lives. You know when some people just keep being negative and insecure and very empty… just empty.

Those people you talk with for hours, they feel motivated for 10 seconds and fall back into their old habits. Couple of days later, they come again at their pep talker and start complaining about the same things all over again. Sad… isn’t it? But it’s not your fault.

Probably you did give them the best motivational speech, where at some point you feel like you are going to write a book, speak to audience and feel like you have your life all together, you just gave an amazing pep talk. Yet people tend to fall back again. Some just don’t want to see that that what they are doing or what people are doing to them is wrong. Aggg, it’s all so emotional. Yes it is! Now here is my list for those ‘life is too bad too sad’ people. And remember, i’m just trying to help.

Here we go

  1. Attitude for gratitude (YES PLEASE)! We have so much in our lives, and we should thank the highest powers and energies and gods and prophets and family and friends and ourselves!

  2. Those who do not give you the right energy for you to stay positive, enjoy life and move forward need to get out of your way, or even better, LIFE!!!

  3. Stop over thinking situations that already happened and those that will happen. Really, STOP IT. I had this bad habit and to be honest it’s the worst, it’s so bad, this should be number 1 of this list. Anyway, what has happened is already gone and what will happen has not yet arrived, so what’s the big deal?

  4. Do not take things personally, seriously, some people analyze someones behavior or a situation and they feel attacked immediately. No stop it, you are not the center of the universe and you should take things very lightly. I’m sure you will light up. If people are negative, or they want to talk about others or behind my back. PLEASE, be my guest. But no offence, i’m really not that interested in what has been said about me or the rest of the humans on earth.

  5. Perfectly said number 4, because this is goes hand in hand with number 5. DON’T WORRY ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT YOU, YOUR PASSION, YOUR DREAMS, YOUR RELATIONSHIPS, AND IN GENERAL YOUR LIFE. Small minded people… what can say about them…ummmm, really nothing!

  6. Smile more, some has this harsh expression on their face, which they have to wear since the day they were born till they die. Please let it look like a sunshine, or a flower, or just a beautiful soul. Say cheeeeeeese 😀

  7. Eat some sweetness, don’t be so hard on yourself, everybody needs chocolate cake when they are down.

  8. Appreciate what you have accomplished so far. Yes, you did an amazing job coming to my blog and read all the fun stuff haha. All “jokes” aside, be proud of what you have done and what you will do.

  9. Give compliments and say nice words to those who really matter. Everybody loves to hear that they have been doing good so far and they are appreciated and noticed by those around them.

  10. Make it an amazing 2015!

dear self



Tonight, I will go in meditation state to connect with my inner self and my universe within.

I was haven’t done meditation for a while and I need to reconnect again and open my Chakra’s (7 energy fields in your body). If you wish to do the same, keep on reading and start your meditation today.

Put some meditation music on, if you are wearing headphones, keep the sound low.

3x breath in very deep and breath out in 7 seconds, you might feel a little bit light in your head. That’s keep, your brains are getting relaxed and you are ready for your meditation.

Feel that there is a energy coming from the universe, see it dancing with the music, among the stars and the universe. Then it goes inside of your body. All the way down to the base Chakra (red color). You can visualize that your Chakra us a colorful ball of light or a flower/lotus, a sun or whatever your mind can come up with to give it an image. This will help you through this meditation. I would light to see my Chakra’s as a lotus flower. Fill your first Chakra with this divine energy. See it becoming brighter and bigger. See it becoming alive again. Then go on to your sexual Chakra (orange color), your Solar Plexus Chakra (yellow color), heart Chakra (green color), throat Chakra (blue color), third eye Chakra (pink color), and your crown Chakra, which is a bit above your head (purple color).

Once you have activated them all, you will feel your connection with all there is in the Universe and beyond. AND visualize this, go with the sounds of music and travel around. Dare to go to spaces outside your own body and experience the beauty of the Universe.

When you finish this meditation take again 3x a deep breath and just be in the moment, drink a warm cup of tea, take a hot shower or go to sleep with peace in mind.