3 Exercises without (almost) exercising

3 Exercises without (almost) exercising

Many of my friends who saw my YouTube video of last Sunday, have sent me many great comments and compliments and it is much appreciated!!! Thank you all ❤

In addition to my video, I am sharing with you a few things that you can do so you will enjoy the present moment more and add meaning to your life.

1. When your energy is not aligned with the higher source (Universe, God, Spirit), you will feel very negative, sad, annoyed, irritated, and or angry. Sometimes the smallest things can trigger those feelings in us. To go back to your positive self, just stop what you are doing and take a couple of deep breaths. Close your eyes and say to yourself (loud or in silent) “Life IS beautiful, NOW!”, say it 3-5 times and open your eyes. Look at everything around you and realise the colours, the forms, shapes, sounds and relax.

2. This is what I like to do most of the time when I do not feel like I can be in the now because my mind cannot stop thinking. I would like to go for a run somewhere in nature, I have to at least be surrounded by water or trees (nature). I love getting everything out of my system that is negative with every step I take. But instead of running, you can go cycling, go for a drive or take a walk.

3. Read. Knit. Drink coffee/tea/juice. Eat something you really want. Play an instrument. Write. Draw. Sing. Whatever you enjoy doing, just do that for a little 30 min. Smile when you are doing it, be in the moment of what you are doing. Observe yourself and feel it! Feel that you are singing, hear your voice (whether nice or not, WHO CARES), feel the emotions that arise in you! You will feel much more relaxed and happy by the time you finish or stop.

Sometimes we feel it is difficult to be in the present moment because we think too much about past and future. But all that we have to realise is that NOW is the moment we are living in, and NOW needs all our attention. Whatever happened, already happened, and whatever is coming is already coming. When you are in the moment and you enjoy your life, the future will change, it will change for the better, because you have such positive vibration, IT’S THE LAW!

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Full Moon Meditation

Full Moon Meditation

Hello fellow Human beings,

I feel so much attracted to this month’s full moon. Mostly it is about healing and letting go of old things that we hang on to and welcome new beginnings. It is time to heal as we are moving pretty fast into this year and I am sure you want to continue with clean energy. It is time to make things happen.

The challenge will be the over-thinking part, so don’t be afraid or angry at yourself when you catch yourself over-thinking a situation. Observe the thought, smile, and imagine it passing by like a cloud. If that doesn’t help, try to focus on your breath or be full aware of what you are doing at the moment. For example if you are walking, feel your legs taking a step, feel the ground, put your attention to the muscles that are moving and how the rest of your body is participating in the walking.

With that being said I have a very nice meditation that I would like to share with you. Below I will take you step-by-step from beginning to end and I hope you will have a great experience. Please share it with me if you wish, I would love to hear from you.

  1. Drink a glass of water. As you do this, think of positive changes you want to make in your life.
  2. Write those down on a piece of paper.
  3. Sit or lay down (I prefer to sit because I fall asleep easily) and take 7 deep breaths. When you feel completely calm bring your attention to your heart.
  4. Ask your heart, what is it that hurts you the most now. You might start feeling emotional, angry, sad, fearful etc. Don’t run away from the feeling and don’t open your eyes. Just look at this emotion/feeling and observe it. What is it doing, does it have a color, how is it acting with your mind and body.
  5. Ask the feeling why it is there, and what it has taught you during this time.
  6. When you get an answer say to yourself loud and clear: “I understand the lesson, I have learned it now, I let go of this situation and or feeling with ease and grace into the Universe”.
  7. Visualize and see it that this feeling is going up into the Universe.
  8. When you feel that you are calm and safe, take again 7 deep breaths.
  9. Now imagine the full moon full of positive energy, sending it your way (what you want to change and improve).
  10. Ask for guidance and ask how to move further with what you want to change. Any ideas coming up write it down.
  11. When you have got everything you feel you need say the following: “I accept the guidance of the Universe, I let the Universe show me all the right ways to move forward, I am ready to move forward”.
  12. Take 7 deep breaths, with every breath you take, feel the positive energy going into your body.
  13. Open your eyes and drink a glass of water.

I hope this will help you clear some energy and make you move forward. Nameste.



Aloneness vs Loneliness

Aloneness vs Loneliness

So many people want to have a relationship yet they don’t even know how to maintain one.

In my opinion, one should know how to be alone without feeling lonely before they can get into any relationship. But this is the problem, some people can’t distinguish aloneness and loneliness. The word aloneness does not exist, I know, but I will name it like that. There is a difference between these two words that should be understood. Aloneness if being full, loneliness is being empty.

People want to get into a relationship because they feel lonely, so in order to get rid of this feeling they try to find someone to share their loneliness with. And even if they get into a relationship, they still feel lonely because they are not being understood by the other person, they argue a lot, they feel tension, they are scared of showing the real person that lives inside of them in silence and let the fake person be all load and dominating the relationship.

Well, if you can’t be alone then you can’t be in a relationship. All of this happens because the person does not know how to be alone, and what it actually means and can do to you.

Being alone is discovering who you truly are, and what a great person you are. You cannot fake yourself for yourself. You become fully aware of what you want and love to do. You have to enjoy your own company before someone else does. It is that simple. If you feel lonely and you want to have someone, then you don’t like to be with yourself, alone. And why is that? If you feel miserable why are you trying to fix it outside yourself with someone else. If you do notice that this feeling arises that you are lonely go and discover WHY you don’t like being alone with yourself and WHY you need someone.

I truly believe that if you are fully satisfied with yourself and you know who are and what you like to do and how you want to be, then you will attracted the right person to be with. I also believe that if one find himself, they will understand what eternity is and what it feels like to have many possibilities and opportunities in this world.

You will then enter a relationship with no stress, knowing who you are and having a firm base. Nobody wants a weak person, it’s like poison. You poison the relationship with insecurities, hate, jealousy and anger.

Transform the loneliness feeling into aloneness, and once you have done that you will be open for a relationship. Without aloneness you will be more lonely and far away from yourself.

You are a beautiful being, so enjoy the time you spend with yourself and allow yourself to truly understand who you are.


*Inspired from the book Being in love by Osho