I took it for granted

I took it for granted

The way of life has changed, was used be normal will never be normal again. We are entering a new level of normal, a different normal. But not how it used to be. And to me it feels like an era has come to an end, 2020 is indeed a new beginning to many. Thinking back, I feel like I have taken many things for granted. Though I can not turn back time, I did learn (and I think many of us) that we have to be grateful for everything in life.

Starting today, make it a priority to make a list of the things you are grateful for. Or take 3 minutes of your time to think about the things you are grateful for. Lift up your mood, mention the little things that you wouldn’t otherwise think of. Such as being able to hear, to feel, to smell, to taste. The little things in the end is what really matters. Your health that you might take for granted. Your legs, your arms and your heart. All healthy and working, be thankful for that. Even though if you’re not healthy a 100% or you have things that might limit you from doing certain activities, be thankful you are alive and breathing. Be thankful that you are you and you get to live another day. For some, they have taken their last breath last night.

Attitude for gratitude will make times like this easier and more bearable. Take care of yourself, stay safe and be mindful.

God bless 🤲🏼❤️

How much are you worth

How much are you worth

When you read the title of this post did you have the answer right away?

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How much are you worth? Who do you think you are right now? What will people pay in exchange for your products and services?  If you are a company and a perfect stranger wants to invest in you, and they look into your life and work, do you think they will take the chance or skip it and go find another person to invest in?

What determines your self-worth?

We have to all think about that, are you developing yourself, do you have confidence in yourself, do you trust what you do and do you trust that it can change people’s life for the best? The career you have the job you have, do you think you are worth it or more? Do you believe that you are giving all you can or are you performing under average?

So many questions we have to ask ourselves if we are not happy and satisfied with the life that we are living at the moment. People complain about why they do no

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t have enough money or why they don’t have enough friends, they complain that everyone is to blame but not them. If you find yourself complaining, ask yourself what can you do better now to improve your future value? Like I said in my previous post, you create yourself, and by creating yourself, you determine your own value.

See yourself as company and you are the president. What else do you need to make this company grow, to make profit, to stay in business to keep the president of the company happy. If we are not moving even for a little bit every day, if we are not doing something everyday that can add a little value to the company, than soon enough you will be out of business. Look around you, look at the industry that you are competing in, that you are part of, what are the other companies doing that you are not doing. How are they educating themselves, what are the actions they take. Learn from others and improve yourself. If you have no one to look up to, EDUCATE yourself.

Don’t go out of business, remember, as long as you are moving fast or slow, as long as you are adding value, big or little, you are going in the right direction. Think of yourself as a company and you are the president, do you want to get bankrupt and lose your company, lose yourself? Don’t underestimate a little action, for the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step (Lao Tzu).

Aloneness vs Loneliness

Aloneness vs Loneliness

So many people want to have a relationship yet they don’t even know how to maintain one.

In my opinion, one should know how to be alone without feeling lonely before they can get into any relationship. But this is the problem, some people can’t distinguish aloneness and loneliness. The word aloneness does not exist, I know, but I will name it like that. There is a difference between these two words that should be understood. Aloneness if being full, loneliness is being empty.

People want to get into a relationship because they feel lonely, so in order to get rid of this feeling they try to find someone to share their loneliness with. And even if they get into a relationship, they still feel lonely because they are not being understood by the other person, they argue a lot, they feel tension, they are scared of showing the real person that lives inside of them in silence and let the fake person be all load and dominating the relationship.

Well, if you can’t be alone then you can’t be in a relationship. All of this happens because the person does not know how to be alone, and what it actually means and can do to you.

Being alone is discovering who you truly are, and what a great person you are. You cannot fake yourself for yourself. You become fully aware of what you want and love to do. You have to enjoy your own company before someone else does. It is that simple. If you feel lonely and you want to have someone, then you don’t like to be with yourself, alone. And why is that? If you feel miserable why are you trying to fix it outside yourself with someone else. If you do notice that this feeling arises that you are lonely go and discover WHY you don’t like being alone with yourself and WHY you need someone.

I truly believe that if you are fully satisfied with yourself and you know who are and what you like to do and how you want to be, then you will attracted the right person to be with. I also believe that if one find himself, they will understand what eternity is and what it feels like to have many possibilities and opportunities in this world.

You will then enter a relationship with no stress, knowing who you are and having a firm base. Nobody wants a weak person, it’s like poison. You poison the relationship with insecurities, hate, jealousy and anger.

Transform the loneliness feeling into aloneness, and once you have done that you will be open for a relationship. Without aloneness you will be more lonely and far away from yourself.

You are a beautiful being, so enjoy the time you spend with yourself and allow yourself to truly understand who you are.


*Inspired from the book Being in love by Osho