You can’t search for your keys when you are holding them in your hand

There is no secret of happiness. Writers, bloggers, authors, music makers, movies (and I) only use it to get your attention. How can happiness be a secret?

If it is a “secret” it means you have to look for it, ask around, do research, where the hell can you find happiness… Don’t be fooled by this “secret” because it is NOT a secret. Just like with your keys, you can’t search for your keys when you are holding them in your hand. Same goes for your happiness, you can’t look for it, it is not out there, you haven’t lost it! You already have it!!!

Just like you already have your mind, your eyes, your body, your SOUL. You already own it, you have it WITHIN YOU. What can be described as a “secret” is how to get it out of yourself again and recognize it.

YES, that is what people have lost, recognizing their own happiness. Society tells you how it is SUPPOSED to be, and when you don’t have what others paint as a “perfect” picture you start searching for it.

Folks, you posses the greatest happiness within you. Don’t listen to others and to society. Don’t watch TV and think that what you see is what you have to be. The internet is full of bullsh*t of what is right and what is wrong as well. Don’t  let others mess with your happiness.

Your true happiness is defined by you and not by others.


Lover of beautiful souls

I am a lover of beautiful souls. Each and every day I learn about the amazing people there are around me. Even if I have never seen someone. Some have share some very nice words with me, and I can totally feel their great energy.

My compassion for people and for mother nature and for this huge universe is growing day by day. AND I LOVE IT. It makes me softer, and kinder and more willing to help. It motivates me to just speak up and send my message to everyone out there who needs it. It teaches me to be humble and to understand other peoples situations and behavior even if it doesn’t makes sense to me.

I have been granted with a great gift from God and that is to open up and see the true meaning and values of people. I can see how some people are struggling and yet stay strong, and I can see how someone has been broken in the past but still are open for love, and I can tell when someone is trying to reach out for help but does not have the courage to do so.

I love how everyone is so unique and so special in there own way.

I’m a lover of beautiful souls.


Hi everyone,

I’ve started my own Facebook page for my blog.

I believe that it’s my purpose to inspire and motivate people to get the best out of themselves. It is important to know what you want in this life and do it!

Many of my friends and people I have worked with gave me the advise to start making motivational video’s. Now at the beginning (3 years ago) I was afraid to do it. WHO am I to do something like that. I am not so popular, and I have had some difficult moments in my life, I am most certainly not where I want to be yet. So why should I even consider doing something like that.

I’ve been dreaming and thinking and visualizing how amazing it would be to actually making these video’s. Every time I start recording I stop after a few seconds. All kind of excuses! Not the right camera, not the perfect day, I don’t know the words I’m looking for in English. No this is not for now.

I did this for 3 years. But then I stopped. Three weeks ago I started recording and posting on my own Facebook. But then I thought while I am at it, let me post it somewhere, where everyone can see what I do. I know a lot of things, I read a lot and I do lots of research about the human mind, about happiness and habits, about spirituality. So let me share it. Nothing to be afraid of.

If I can motivate one person, change one persons life, it will be more than enough for me. And if that won’t happen, it’s totally fine, BECAUSE I’M DOING WHAT I LOVE TO DO AND DREAM ABOUT DOING.

Click here to be directed to my Facebook page Maanitalk, like and share if you wish to and lets spread the positive energy 🙂

My long distance run

As many of you have seen on my instagram, I had a long distance run of 23.10km yesterday.

It went well, however at the end I ran out of water and I had to go home because I was so thirsty, I also did not feel my legs because I was so tired. I got a little bit discouraged because I have my full marathon next week Sunday and I felt that I will not be able to do it. BUT I thought to myself if I can run 23km I should be able to finish the other 19km with ease and grace!

Many people around me don’t believe that I’m able to finish it (and maybe they are right), but what people say does not matter, the only thing that matters is what I think I’m able to do. And if I never thought I can run a full marathon, I would have never signed up for one in the first place. This is my passion and I will do it, even if it means crawling to the finish line, I will do it!

So before I went out and hit the road I had another great energy smoothie.


  • 1 banana
  • 2 slices of pineapple
  • 2 dl yogurt
  • 1 tsp of honey

Image Image