100 happy days

A little more than 3 months ago I started a challenge, the 100 happy days challenge.

AND yesterday was my last day of posting a picture of my 100 happy days (of course not the end of my happiness). The challenge was to post each day a picture, a happy moment as I call it. Even on my worst days I still had to “search” for a happy moment. That is the challenge, you can’t skip a day! I HAD TO POST IT.

The failing percentage for this challenge is a little bit more than 70%, and I wanted to know if I belong to this group or still finish it despite of the challenges that we face in our daily lives.

When I look back I must say that I am VERY PROUD of myself. My subconscious mind has probably changed as well because I reached and did some awesome things in the past 3 months.

  • Got a job which I REALLY needed because I had to save up some money for an amazing adventure. They even extended my contract twice, and yesterday was the third time (yeaaa, more money to save!)
  • Blessed with my supportive brother and sisters
  • Glad that my parents took good care of me when I was ill
  • Started exercising on a more regular basis
  • Run a PR for the 21.1 KM distance
  • Booked my ticket to my dream destination
  • Ran a marathon
  • Visited a new city, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Got a spiritual healing
  • Turned 27 years young and accepted the getting “older” process
  • Accepted that people will find their own paths in life and say goodbye to you
  • Ate delicious food without feeling guilty
  • Started drinking more water
  • Started to make motivation videos
  • Started my own Facebook page Maanitalk
  • Gave away an amazing book to one of my followers
  • Started a blessing list (and I continue to add more things every day that I’m grateful for)
  • Did volunteer work
  • Met Nick Vujicic and took a selfie with him (haha)
  • Met new and amazing people
  • Had many many many cappuccino’s
  • Took some pretty nice selfies

To me, this challenge was about one simple fact… THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING TO BE HAPPY ABOUT. Very simple.

I encourage everybody to start this great challenge, and see for yourself what it will do to you and your life.

Let the HAPPY days continue, because life is great and God is good 🙂


Link to start the challenge—> click here

‘100 days of happiness’ Challenge

I was scrolling down on Instagram and looking for nice pictures of people to like, something I like to do, I like it so much it is actually becoming scary! Anyways lets talk some other time about obsession and addiction. For now I want to share with you a challenge that I will take from today on.

It is the 100 days of happiness challenge. I have seen many people taking the challenge and when you go on Instagram #100happydays you see everyone who is joining, sharing their pictures. I think this is a fun challenge because it simply forces you to see the good in each and everyday. I’m sure some people might forget to post a picture someday, or they have such a bad day they just skip the challenge for a few days. But I don’t think that is the right way to do it. Although, everybody is free to do whatever they want. But at least not for me, because I think is it about perseverance, thinking positive and persistence!

How I am going to do this challenge… Okay it can be challenging sometimes to be positive in a very negative situation. SO just to be prepared for the worst I will have a back up list of some affirmations in my wallet to be back on the right track, happy music on my phone, and a goal to look forward to.

The GOAL is my why! The reason WHY i’m doing this challenge, to take another approach in life. Sometimes we need a push from the outside, and so this is my push. THE CHALLENGE.

I will post all my pictures on my Instagram (maanitalk), simply because I can’t and I don’t want to post them on Facebook or my blog. The reason for this, is because I don’t want to annoy people if they don’t want to follow my challenge.

Click on —> 100happydays for more information and a whole explanation about this great challenge.