The secret of all the secrets of happiness

All these books and the quotes and the teachers and the legends and life coaches giving us the “secret” of happiness.

I don’t think it is a secret anymore, because everybody knows about it, everybody has experienced happiness whether it was for a long time or just one second and everybody is talking about it. But the thing that surprises me is that it’s not even something that is common sense for humans anymore. People put it as a priority, as a goal. But should HAPPINESS really be a goal on your list? Something to achieve in the future? I don’t think so, that is so weird. How can you achieve happiness if you don’t even know what it is. Because if you did you would have felt it right?

They say happiness is in the most simple things in life, it can be achieved when you are grateful for the things in your life. But if it was so simple everybody would get it, everybody would recognize how happy they actually are. However, that is not the case.

And then I kept asking myself, am I happy? What is it, happiness? Where is it hiding? So after thinking and over-thinking and reading and puzzling quote after quote I found my answer: F*** IT!

Yes that is my answer :), because if you stop giving yourself a headache about what is going to happen in the future and keep worrying about things that has happened how will you ever find happiness. It is in the very moment that happiness is ready for you. In this moment right now, where there is no desire for the future. Where all that has happened and all that is coming are only an illusion. You have got to let go.

Now, I’m not saying to stop thinking about the future and stop dreaming and setting goals for yourself. But once you have done that, let the universe take over. Work for your dreams one day at a time, if you have to take a different way to achieve what you want just let it be. F*** it, and go with the flow. 

There it is, not a secret at all. It is very simple, yet difficult to do.

Good luck!

Monday Motivation

I arrived at work, said good morning to my colleagues and got myself a cup of coffee. It’s Monday morning again and you can see it on people’s faces. Oohh they look so happy (being sarcastic is one of my strong points). And as I was checking my mailbox I heard some of my colleagues talking about the re-organization. They might be the next to leave, so they were talking about what will happen and if they have a plan B.

One of them said, well I guess I have to start looking for a new job again, I don’t have a back-up plan… I do have a business plan of 24 years ago when I was still in University. ‘A BUSINESS PLAN THAT IS STILL THERE FOR 24 YEARS’ yelled my mind. What did it do for 24 years??? Were you waiting for the idea to jump out of the paper and start working for itself? Or was it fear that was holding you back… Maybe people told you how stupid your idea was. Or you were searching for security so you took a job at a company where you have been working for many many many years.

And I was right, in this situation, it was the “security” that he was looking for. Security? A secure job? Haha, please don’t make me laugh. I think it is even more SECURE to work out your dream than working for someone else. Because SOMEDAY, SOMEONE might (more or less WILL) kick you out of their company, because THEY don’t need you anymore for their dreams.

What a morning… again the universe is sending me signals, and words and people and circumstances where my faith and knowledge is being confirmed. Work on your dream UNTIL you live it, BECAUSE THIS IS YOUR LIFE.  


Bread for breakfast is the ultimate wealth

What did you have this morning for breakfast? Or were you so busy to get ready for work you didn’t have time and so you just thought to yourself that you will buy coffee and a doughnut on your way to work?

I didn’t have bread this morning but a chocolate bar, yes! What a luxury… I can choose to have whatever I want for breakfast. AND THIS MAKES ME FEEL SO WEALTHY!

I saw a video yesterday night before I went to sleep of a Syrian boy who didn’t have bread for a long time, and he was eating grass for the past days. GRASS PEOPLE, GRASS!!! He was calm, not crying, just responding to the questions asked by the person who was recording (Click here to watch the 36seconds video that kept me awake all night.)

I think that many should stop complaining about the “hard times” they have on a daily basis. I’m serious, when I ask someone who they are doing they start complaining about the weather, they were in traffic, or they did not have enough sleep. The funny thing is that THEY CAN CHANGE, the sad thing is that THEY ARE NOT OPEN TO CHANGE.

I have faith that the wealthy bread eaters can contribute to help those who have to eat grass to survive. I ENCOURAGE all of you to donate a small amount monthly to a charity (or more) that you want to support.

Those who are in need have put their FAITH and BELIEVE in a better world in our hands. And it is not a hard task, the least we can do is to help.

Stop complaining and start donating.

Praying and sending unconditional love to those in need, and may the creator lighten up their hearts and keep the faith up high.


The powerful meditation of Osho

A little over a year ago I was reading a book from Osho, 112 Meditations to Discover the Mystery Within. THE MYSTERY WITHIN INDEED.

I tried one of the meditations while I was in college (back then, I’m so happy i’m done), and I was in shock. This powerful meditation is just amazing! Osho described one of the meditations, I call it the ‘I AM’ meditation. After I did it, I saw everybody was sleeping.

The meditation:

Close your eyes and say the words ‘I am’, say it with awareness that you ARE, feel it in your being and feel your body being here and now. Feel your presence. You might feel your heaviness, you might feel you weight fully sitting on a chair or lying on your bed. You are, you are here and now! Then open your eyes and look at the people around you. I did it at school, I looked at my watch and said it for one minute.

When I looked up, I saw all the students sleeping. I could feel their thoughts not being aware of what they are doing. Just walking around like robots and not know why they are doing what they do. This really showed me that people are always somewhere else with their mind, either in the past or future and never in the here and now.

Someone that is present with their mind look differently, they look beautiful. Do this meditation and look at nature. You will feel that you are becoming one with the flowers and the trees and the water. It will make YOU  aware to be in the NOW.

Many people say that time goes by so fast lately, but I think it is not when you are in the NOW. Because the now is the moment that will go on forever.


osho quote

‘100 days of happiness’ Challenge

I was scrolling down on Instagram and looking for nice pictures of people to like, something I like to do, I like it so much it is actually becoming scary! Anyways lets talk some other time about obsession and addiction. For now I want to share with you a challenge that I will take from today on.

It is the 100 days of happiness challenge. I have seen many people taking the challenge and when you go on Instagram #100happydays you see everyone who is joining, sharing their pictures. I think this is a fun challenge because it simply forces you to see the good in each and everyday. I’m sure some people might forget to post a picture someday, or they have such a bad day they just skip the challenge for a few days. But I don’t think that is the right way to do it. Although, everybody is free to do whatever they want. But at least not for me, because I think is it about perseverance, thinking positive and persistence!

How I am going to do this challenge… Okay it can be challenging sometimes to be positive in a very negative situation. SO just to be prepared for the worst I will have a back up list of some affirmations in my wallet to be back on the right track, happy music on my phone, and a goal to look forward to.

The GOAL is my why! The reason WHY i’m doing this challenge, to take another approach in life. Sometimes we need a push from the outside, and so this is my push. THE CHALLENGE.

I will post all my pictures on my Instagram (maanitalk), simply because I can’t and I don’t want to post them on Facebook or my blog. The reason for this, is because I don’t want to annoy people if they don’t want to follow my challenge.

Click on —> 100happydays for more information and a whole explanation about this great challenge.