I was born in Baghdad

As an Arab woman and a few years over the age of 25, I get the questions “shouldn’t you be married right now”, “why are you not married”, “Do your parents try to force you into marriage”, “Must be hard for you to be who you want to be”.

I think that the previous generations and the culture created an image of a woman that has by far changed over the last decades.

First of all, I do not think that marriage is a priority in my life. I love my life the way it is now, I have great career opportunities, I am an adventurous type of woman and I do not feel less Arab because I do not have a ring on my finger. Unfortunately, the society has not seen all the great Arab women out there that are actually doing great things.

Yes, my parents are Muslim, yes they are very into our Iraqi cultural, yes of course they would be happy if I found my perfect husband and yes they have many rules that I had to live by. But it doesn’t mean that they will never stand behind me when they see that my happiness is not quit similar to what they had in mind for me.

I moved to Australia, and they were not very happy about it, yet I am here and they are very proud of me.

I ran marathons that were in other countries and I traveled alone, yet they did let me go and I know they always thought that I might not make it. They still supported me.

I am  not married yet, and they wish I was with someone right now, yet they are still happy that I am enjoying my life with or without a partner. And although they keep asking if I met someone, they will never force me into marriage.

My parents think that education is very important, they think exercising is absolutely a must in someones’ life. My mom always told me to never let a man raise his hands or voice towards me. My dad always treated me with lots of care and love, and he listened and gave me advise whenever I felt upset.

Yes, I was born  in Baghdad and I come from an Islamic family. And I live my life the way I wish to, because I believe that Arab women are capable of doing great things in this world. And I can already see the evidence in my life.

My parents and I at my graduation

I can’t afford that

It’s already the end of September and I CAN NOT believe that the time flew by so quickly. It felt like everything went so slow but then I realized just this morning that we only have 3 months left of this amazing year 2015.

And then I became aware that I can’t afford losing my feelings and thoughts and days and time and everything I own on the things I do not want and on the negativity that people bring. I can not feel bad or feel sick when I have A CHOICE that I can feel good! And I ABSOLUTELY can not afford a day without reading something that will inspire, motivate, and or help me to grow.

With that being said, I also realized that I can not afford another day, week, month or year just planning things and not taking actual actions. And all of this came to me this morning while I was on the train going to work, when I realized that it was the 30th of September and what have I reached so far.

I am a goal freak, and not seeing myself growing and moving forward can drive me crazy. And I hope that everyone of you has the same thing. So here is another amazing thing that you and I can do to finish this year with a full feeling of satisfaction.

3 months goal list!

What have you done so far? Where are you now? What do you still have on your goal list that is a MUST for 2015? How can you get there? Make a plan and make it WORK! Even if you will not achieve as much as you wished for, you can at least take action, and who knows 2016 might be an AMAAAAAAZING start for you.

Don’t forget to reflect on what you have reached so far. I am so proud of myself by what I have done this year, and it has by far exceeded my expectations.

Good luck!

What a boring life

Life routine of 95% of the people:

  1. Go to college
  2. Get a job
  3. Get married
  4. Get a mortgage that you will be stuck with for the rest of your freaking life
  5. Have kids
  6. Die

Of course in between there are birthday parties (where some of them, you are forced to go to), have a holiday once in a while (not to far of course because that is too expensive), and keep complaining about how shit life can be.

Narrow minded people, they think they are smart, they think they know the answer, they THINK they are living the answer. What a waste of your brains and energy. Saying that only a few people were made to succeed. What made them so successful? Who choose these people to succeed? What the hell are you talking about?


Beach please!

I love the beach so much, you get a great tan, your hair curls perfectly after one dive in the sea, and you can just relax and do nothing (or read a great book). Here are some great shots that makes me want to take the next airplane to a beach paradise 🙂

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