Self esteem vs Social media 

Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs, etc.

Everyone has an account or uses all social media platforms. It’s fun, connecting with the world, connecting friends and family. Some have made it there business and others just use it for their own private life. AND it can be addicting to get as many likes as possible, sharing each and every moment because it will gain followers. But why are we doing that? Why do some people feel like they need to get certain likes because otherwise they delete their post. Not enough? People see that your selfie didn’t make it to the popular pages? SO WHAT?! 

Too many people attach their self esteem with their social media accounts. It’s very important for some to get more followers more likes and more compliments. That selfie is going to be IT!! And then… it doesn’t go as you wanted… as expected… then what?! You feel down? You feel sad? You feel angry? Why? 

Self esteem goes down, and people look for what others do and how they look and what they wear and try to copy that because that will give them some fame. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work like this and you have to understand. This doesn’t mean that you are uglier than the rest, less fun, less intelligent or anything in between. 

Don’t attach who you are with the likes you have. Try to see the fun in sharing nice moments, but don’t let the amount of followers or likes take away the joy of the moment. 

Nobody is going to share their problems with the wold (some do and that’s their choice). Nobody is going to share a picture where they just got out of bed, or where they are feeling angry or sad. Why? Because that’s not for sharing, that’s private in my opinion. 

So whatever you see on social media is not always how people live their life ever single moment of every single day. Don’t be ashamed and don’t feel less than anyone. Your true value is with the people that are really around you. Your kindness in your daily life!!! 

Social media, it’s fun and all, but it will never determine how I see myself when I look in the mirror. And I wish for everyone to understand. You are beautiful, with 1 or 6000 likes on that selfie that you took 100x before posting one (yes that’s me too and I’m not ashamed!). 

Monday Motivation

Do you remember guys that I made a video saying how much I regret not enjoying my time in Sydney and did not do what I truly wanted to… Well guess what… I came back to Australia last week, and I couldn’t be more grateful for it.

First week was mainly getting over my jetlag, I had troubles sleeping at night or staying awake during the day.

Now that I have asked the universe for another chance to still go back to Sydney and do all the things I wanted to do and explore, I will not let this go to waste!!! I have regret it once and I made a mistake, I am not planning to do it again, yes, trust me. The feeling of regretting something is too painful. Although I am happy for whatever happened, like I said, lesson learned 🙂 .

For my Monday Motivation blog for today, I would like to remind you all, if there is something that you really want to do and you have put your mind on doing it, just go for it. It is not easy to regret things afterwards, trust me. If you feel like you need some guidance and some help from a higher power, just ask the Universe and let it lead you to whatever you desire. Don’t forget to follow the Universe, it knows the way 😉 .

Side note: Never be sad when whatever you asked for is not coming, the greater powers might have planned something bigger for you, or they are giving you a detour as they want you to collect a few more skills along the way. 

I am happy that what I asked for came to me, I know that this is where I need to be now or else I was somewhere else. This is my chance to enjoy like never before! ❤


Bad Karma Works For No One

We all have experienced a situation where another human being had hurt us or put us in a bad or negative situation.

The funny thing that people say is “One day they will feel the way I feel now” or “It will come back to them and they will regret doing this to me” or “I hope that this person will get what he/she has put me through”.

Something that I have found out through my experience is that BAD KARMA WORKS FOR NO ONE. It is self employed, it is not going to work for you so that you get to see the other person suffering the way you have or wishing it will be worse for them. It is not nice to be put in a situation where you get hurt or where you experience sadness or anger. But it is even worse to wish for someone else, BAD KARMA.

Karma is energy, it matches the energy that you put out and brings it back to you. “What goes around comes around”. The person that might have hurt you will get what they deserve whether it is worse or as painful based on what they have put out. Maybe they regret the way they made you feel, maybe it is unconsciously done, maybe they did not know that they have hurt you. Whatever the case, their (bad) Karma will come to them, and FORTUNATELY, it will NOT be according to your wishes (don’t feel bad, it’s all good).

You are angry and upset, you have been hurt and maybe heartbroken, but you have to just wish them all the best move on. Focus on your own Karma, Wishing or hoping something bad is going to happen to someone else is the exact energy that you are putting out and therefore, don’t be surprised when you meet another person that is giving you a hard time. So don’t try and do the job for Karma, you will not be able to do it, you don’t even know how to do it or what to do. If anything, you will cause yourself more harm than just letting it go.

You want revenge? Forgiveness is key!!! Just forgive whatever happened and move on. After being in a difficult relationship, having difficulties at work with someone, your friend neglecting your or any situation that includes people and them making you feel bad, just focus on what you love. Watch my video on my YouTube channel for more, click here to be directed. It will help you to move forward.

Again… Forgiveness is key! Have peace with whatever happened, drop it, and leave it behind.

All is well. Life is good. God is great ❤

The reason why my previous relationship never worked!

Hello my sweet readers! I am happy that you are here today to read my blog. Just like my other blogs which are dear and important to me, this one is just as amazing.

Don’t worry, I am not going to give you romantic relationship advice, let me keep that for some other time 😉 (I am quite the expert I must say). Today, I would like to talk to you about the relationship that you have with your dreams.

I was talking to my amazing friend the other day and she was telling me about her great goals she had in mind. I always get super real with her because she is my friend and because I care about other people’s dreams and happiness (why else would I blog, right…?!).

I told her that you have a relationship with your goals and dreams. In every relationship, whatever it is, business, with your lover, with your friends, with your family or anyyyy relationship. If you want to make it work, you better start pulling your weight to meet them halfway. You give all you can in a friendship, and I give all I can. Being genuine, supportive, honest and loyal towards each other. It’s about taking care of each other and pick up the phone to see how they are doing. That is what matters and what counts in relationships.

ALSO the one with your dreams, you have got to make a few steps towards it for it to move towards you. If you sit there and think that it will come to you one day out of nowhere, then forget it! Your dreams and goals will never know when you are ready unless you make the first step, because when you do you set things in motion. The o soooo lovely Universe will start doing it’s work.

“Aaah, look at her” said the Universe, “she is ready to make her dreams come true, let me start doing my work”. And she lived happily ever after.

Dreams are gift we gave to ourselves long time ago. It’s really important to look after them, polish them, evaluate, take action, and promise ourselves that we will make it happen, we will make our dreams come true.

My friend smiled, that is so true Eman, I have to start doing something instead of waiting for a perfect plan.


My birthday dialog

Yesterday I was blessed to celebrate my birthday!

Every year when it’s my birthday I start freaking out a little bit. Why? Because I always wonder how far I have come in life and what else I have ahead of me. Sometimes I get a bit disappointed because I “think” that what I have done in life is not good enough.

Such as yesterday. 1st of May, the perfect birthday date if you ask me… I was happy and calm all day, and then BOOM it hit me. What have I done with my life so far?! Oh no, here it is AGAIN, the standard dialog I have with myself every birthday and I was not ready for it.

The night before I had a great idea, I was going to look for images and quotes that can lift my spirit up when I feel down or when my mind wants to have another dialog with my mind (call me crazy, but we all do that!). It is very tiring and I am 100% sure that you agree with me! Yea? Not only quotes and images, but I wanted to meditate more and do more of what I love everyday! Doesn’t matter how small the task is, as long as I do something today that will improve my tomorrow.

I got scared, I am not going to lie, I am keeping it real!!! But you know, better be aware of something then trying to hide it to escape your true feelings.


I will do this little experiment for 21 days. Do you want to join me?

Everyday when I wake up I will give my thanks to the Universe (I already do this every morning). I want to not only say ‘thank you’ but FEEL the gratitude. This will be my morning meditation. So, 10 – 15 minutes meditation before getting out of bed giving my gratitude and think of something I want to achieve.

I will then write down any beautiful thoughts in a journal that I will put next to my bed. This should only take 5 – 10 minutes.

I will put a quote as my screensaver on my phone that encourages me, so whenever I feel negative I will look at my phone and focus on my screensaver. Remind myself that all is well.

Last but not least, I have learned this from the book: The Universe Has Your Back, to look at everything from a loving point of view instead of fearing a situation!

Breath in and out, exercise, read something positive every day, and do what you love. My rules as of today.

1st of May is always a good day!