My birthday dialog

My birthday dialog

Yesterday I was blessed to celebrate my birthday!

Every year when it’s my birthday I start freaking out a little bit. Why? Because I always wonder how far I have come in life and what else I have ahead of me. Sometimes I get a bit disappointed because I “think” that what I have done in life is not good enough.

Such as yesterday. 1st of May, the perfect birthday date if you ask me… I was happy and calm all day, and then BOOM it hit me. What have I done with my life so far?! Oh no, here it is AGAIN, the standard dialog I have with myself every birthday and I was not ready for it.

The night before I had a great idea, I was going to look for images and quotes that can lift my spirit up when I feel down or when my mind wants to have another dialog with my mind (call me crazy, but we all do that!). It is very tiring and I am 100% sure that you agree with me! Yea? Not only quotes and images, but I wanted to meditate more and do more of what I love everyday! Doesn’t matter how small the task is, as long as I do something today that will improve my tomorrow.

I got scared, I am not going to lie, I am keeping it real!!! But you know, better be aware of something then trying to hide it to escape your true feelings.


I will do this little experiment for 21 days. Do you want to join me?

Everyday when I wake up I will give my thanks to the Universe (I already do this every morning). I want to not only say ‘thank you’ but FEEL the gratitude. This will be my morning meditation. So, 10 – 15 minutes meditation before getting out of bed giving my gratitude and think of something I want to achieve.

I will then write down any beautiful thoughts in a journal that I will put next to my bed. This should only take 5 – 10 minutes.

I will put a quote as my screensaver on my phone that encourages me, so whenever I feel negative I will look at my phone and focus on my screensaver. Remind myself that all is well.

Last but not least, I have learned this from the book: The Universe Has Your Back, to look at everything from a loving point of view instead of fearing a situation!

Breath in and out, exercise, read something positive every day, and do what you love. My rules as of today.

1st of May is always a good day!


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