Oldie but Goldie

Oldie but Goldie

I saw a video of a well known guru the other day on Facebook.

He was talking about how everything that is happening around you is actually happening within you. When you look at someone in front of you, you see him/her from within. When you feel something about a certain person or situation, the feeling is from within. The pain, fear, happiness, peace, joy and everything in between all happens within you, therefore what ever you see on the outside, you feel it from the inside first!

It is an emotion that tells you how you think about something in front of you or about a situation you are in. For me this means that whatever I am feeling from the inside will project to the outside world. Thus, if I feel happy and calm, everything I perceive will look like that!

To conclude, if I want to change my outer world, I have to change my inner world! Oldie but goldie!!!

I’m putting my phone and laptop aside to take a journey to my inner world with some meditation.

All is well. Life is good. God is great


2 thoughts on “Oldie but Goldie

  1. I have just come across your page and I have to say you are very positive. I have had my struggle own and you put everything in to perspective. Please keep going with your work. From reading you it has positive changed my view. Thanks.

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