Master in your comfort zone

Master in your comfort zone

Some people are rather masters in their comfort zone instead of beginners outside it.

I would highly recommend to be a beginner outside the comfort zone, because that is where you start growing, that’s where you start seeing miracles and your true value. Whatever is out there is much better than where you are now.

I have had so many challenges this year, each and every day was a challenge for me but I know that whatever I had in my mind I did it! I did it!!!! I reached whatever I wanted last year.

We have one more month in this year, what have you reached, did you grow or do you have the same mindset as you had last year or the year before?! How do you feel about that?! It hurts doesn’t it? It hurts that you are still the same as you were at the beginning of the year.

Make a CHANGE, go and get WHAT you want. I know you want to, I know that YOU want to do something amazing with your life!!! What is stopping you, what is holding you back?! How can you judge the place outside your comfort zone based on your fears, how do you know that it is maybe even better! GO AND RUN OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE.

Whatever you want to achieve GET IT IN 2017!!!!!

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