Monday Motivation: I can’t deal with a mind like yours

Monday Motivation: I can’t deal with a mind like yours

I can’t deal with people who do not have a strong mindset of steel. Those who never see opportunities but instead problems. The kind of people that will answer “I’m so stressed out, my car didn’t start this morning and it’s raining outside on a summer day, but you know I’m ok…” on a simple question of how are you doing.

I can’t deal with small minded people (unless you are willing to grow and expand). They are so negative, just like poison. And NOBODY who wants to move forward should be surrounded by these kind of people. LEAVE THEM, clean your friendslist, visit different events, go out and look for those who want to become something big and expand.

I spoke to a guy yesterday, and he needed money to do a personal development program but he couldn’t even pay the first installment which is around €300,-. And so I asked him, why don’t you ask your friends.. And he said


Oh wow what a surprise (ultimate sarcastic level) OF COURSE YOU CAN’T PAY THE €300,-. Broke people hang out with broke people to talk about how broke they are. What a coincidence (rolling my eyes).

Get yourself together and start working on your mind, you will see that one day you will be hanging out with people who will pay €300,- for a lovely dinner, on a super location, with an amazing view.

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