Bread for breakfast is the ultimate wealth

Bread for breakfast is the ultimate wealth

What did you have this morning for breakfast? Or were you so busy to get ready for work you didn’t have time and so you just thought to yourself that you will buy coffee and a doughnut on your way to work?

I didn’t have bread this morning but a chocolate bar, yes! What a luxury… I can choose to have whatever I want for breakfast. AND THIS MAKES ME FEEL SO WEALTHY!

I saw a video yesterday night before I went to sleep of a Syrian boy who didn’t have bread for a long time, and he was eating grass for the past days. GRASS PEOPLE, GRASS!!! He was calm, not crying, just responding to the questions asked by the person who was recording (Click here to watch the 36seconds video that kept me awake all night.)

I think that many should stop complaining about the “hard times” they have on a daily basis. I’m serious, when I ask someone who they are doing they start complaining about the weather, they were in traffic, or they did not have enough sleep. The funny thing is that THEY CAN CHANGE, the sad thing is that THEY ARE NOT OPEN TO CHANGE.

I have faith that the wealthy bread eaters can contribute to help those who have to eat grass to survive. I ENCOURAGE all of you to donate a small amount monthly to a charity (or more) that you want to support.

Those who are in need have put their FAITH and BELIEVE in a better world in our hands. And it is not a hard task, the least we can do is to help.

Stop complaining and start donating.

Praying and sending unconditional love to those in need, and may the creator lighten up their hearts and keep the faith up high.


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