Are you tired?

Are you tired?

Are you also tired of depending on other people. Always running behind other to do you a favor, always being so polite and almost licking a** because you need someone to get you what you want?

It is so annoying to be sooooo nice to someone you actually want to punch in the face!!! AND some big guys make use of their power because THEY know you need them.

I SAY NOT ANYMORE!!!!!!!! That is THE REASON why you have to create and develop your success even if it seems impossible even if it is so hard to do it all by yourself. DO IT ANYWAYS because one day you don’t have to ask for anyone’s help BUT people will be happy to help you out. AS THE MATTER OF FACT, helping you out means that you are doing them a FAVOR.

Go after your own success, and use your own abilities, powers, knowledge, forces, mind, and body to get you where you want to go. Do not run after people’s back so you can skip a few steps. Keep your honor high and do it yourself. Surround yourself with the people that want to see you succeed but remember: YOU HAVE TO DO IT YOURSELF.

Your own actions will bring you to where you want to be!!!

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