‘100 days of happiness’ Challenge

‘100 days of happiness’ Challenge

I was scrolling down on Instagram and looking for nice pictures of people to like, something I like to do, I like it so much it is actually becoming scary! Anyways lets talk some other time about obsession and addiction. For now I want to share with you a challenge that I will take from today on.

It is the 100 days of happiness challenge. I have seen many people taking the challenge and when you go on Instagram #100happydays you see everyone who is joining, sharing their pictures. I think this is a fun challenge because it simply forces you to see the good in each and everyday. I’m sure some people might forget to post a picture someday, or they have such a bad day they just skip the challenge for a few days. But I don’t think that is the right way to do it. Although, everybody is free to do whatever they want. But at least not for me, because I think is it about perseverance, thinking positive and persistence!

How I am going to do this challenge… Okay it can be challenging sometimes to be positive in a very negative situation. SO just to be prepared for the worst I will have a back up list of some affirmations in my wallet to be back on the right track, happy music on my phone, and a goal to look forward to.

The GOAL is my why! The reason WHY i’m doing this challenge, to take another approach in life. Sometimes we need a push from the outside, and so this is my push. THE CHALLENGE.

I will post all my pictures on my Instagram (maanitalk), simply because I can’t and I don’t want to post them on Facebook or my blog. The reason for this, is because I don’t want to annoy people if they don’t want to follow my challenge.

Click on —> 100happydays for more information and a whole explanation about this great challenge.

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