You don’t have a life if you don’t follow your passion

You don’t have a life if you don’t follow your passion

How many people are complaining about their daily lives, how many people are not happy with what they have, how many people dream of better lives… Too many people if you ask me!

Why? Why is it that all of them are sharing this common complaints. How come they have these same feelings of emptiness, lack of wealth, and sadness. And why is it that only 5% of the population is living the lives of their dreams? That is odd, that is very odd, because we all share the same world, and share the same resources, share the same energy and share the same universe. Then, how come it is only 5%. It is crazy isn’t it.

You can accept that or you can do something about it! If you want to come out of it, if you want to belong to that 5% then find out what your passion is. What is your purpose, why did you come on this earth and what great power do you have to change and influence people’s lives!?

Without your passion is like living to die, living to just survive, living just because you are and you HAVE TO.

Follow your heart and allow it to lead you to the greatness within you, the amazing power within you because YOU CAN MAKE A CHANGE, YOU CAN LIVE THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS, YOU CAN HELP PEOPLE, YOU CAN BE HAPPY, YOU CAN EXPERIENCE ABUNDANCE IN YOUR LIFE, YOU CAN BE WHATEVER YOU WANT TO BE….





And even if you think it is impossible…. JUST TAKE THE FIRST STEP and you will see it for yourself THAT IT ACTUALLY IS POSSIBLE!!! How? Because the universe will do whatever it takes to bring you what you want to move forward. And along the way there will be some difficulties and situation we don’t understand. But don’t let that stop you from your PURPOSE. Because these will soon be over and the magic of the universe will take over.

I wish for everyone to really follow what they feel in their hearts, awaken yourself and BECOME the person you are meant to be, because IT IS POSSIBLE !!!!


3 thoughts on “You don’t have a life if you don’t follow your passion

  1. Wow! That is awesome Maani, the word says in Romans 8:28-And God causes all things to work together for the good for those who love him and are called according to his purpose. Therefore I say this, what you revealed in this post is a truly wonderful blessing for my life. I needed that and it was perfect. Such beautiful and genuine words. You have a beautiful heart Maani, keep it up.

    You are correct, anything is possible. The word says in Mark 10:27-With man it is impossible, but with God all things are possible. Hallelujah:) Furthermore, I hope you are correct about what you said, I feel in my heart I am ready, that is my desire and I know it is God’s desire for our life as well.

    Bless you:)


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