The world within 5 years

The world within 5 years

I love to travel and to see as many places as possible. Here is my top 5 places I wish to visit within the next 5 years 🙂 These are just a few places, of course if possible I want to see the world and each and every country! 

1. Incredible India. I want to go to India for a whole month and travel around. After that I wish to stay at the Osho International Resort for a month as well to meditate and learn how to do yoga. I’m a very spiritual person, and to grow spiritually, I HAVE TO VISIT INDIA. I also want to buy a beautiful sari, baby blue, and wear so many jewelry and just walk around. And I cant wait to see the Taj Mahal and the Golden temple, oh Incredible India, I have to wait for a little while before seeing your beautiful colors. 

incredible india

2. Playful Japan. O my God! Japan is on my wishing list since forever. I just want to see the pink Sakura trees. I also want to eat the best sushi there and learn a little bit of Japanese. I always said to myself, when I become rich I will buy an apartment in Tokyo and live there FOREVER!

playful japan

3. Romantic Hawaii. This is a place that I would like to visit when I go on my honeymoon, I know sounds cliche but what the hell. I want to wear the coconut bikini and the funny skirts and the flower necklace and just walking around on the beach. 

romance hawai

4. Adventurous US (route 66). YES, an adventurous holiday. Driving route 66 all the way, and not missing one place! Meeting many people, eat a lot of hamburgers and driving on the empty highways. 

us route 66

5. Wild Africa. Mother AFRICA! I always wanted to go on safari… never really happened so far. But I wish to go there someday and enjoy the wild life, seeing animals from very close and enjoy the nature. I also want to meet some locals and see how they live, paint my body and wear these gorgeous necklaces and bracelets which are

Pictures are all taken from Pinterest 

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