You only need 10,000 hours to learn a new skill

You only need 10,000 hours to learn a new skill

Sometimes when I can’t fall a sleep I just go surfing on the internet and look for interesting articles.

I found something about learning a new skill and how long it will take you to actually manage it. According to a research, it takes someone 10,000 HOURS to do so, that equals a full time job for 5 long years. Now, I don’t know about you but this is definitely not something I like to read. And I still want to do so much in my life and learn new things, so when it takes 10,000 hours each skill I have to get to the age of 1000 years before I come close to!

HOWEVER, the 10,000 hours are for people who want to become professional and actually the best in their field. Now that is not so interesting for me, becoming the best in any field. I just want to become good enough for myself when it comes to some things. Becoming professional in something I really like to do with all my heart is easy, I will make a career of it, and I will make sure to BECOME THE BEST. But that does not require for everything! For example learning how to play a guitar… I don’t want to become a musician so no worries. 

ANYWAYS, for those who do want to manage a skill but don’t need to become professional in it, IT……….ONLY……….TAKES……….20……….HOURS! 

Isn’t that amazing!? Only 20 hours, so even if you split 20 hours in one month, you are still able to do whatever you want and work and learn all at the same time!

ANYWAYS, this will ask for discipline and great time management, but i’m sure if you want something bad enough these two things should not be any obstacles for you.



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