Big life changes are scary as F***

Big life changes are scary as F***

For the past 3 weeks, I had so many changes coming my way. To be honest it is overwhelming! I just graduated and now I have to search for my purpose of life. Lucky me I didn’t have to look for it for too long, I actually knew what I wanted to do since I was 12 years old. Sounds a bit cliche, but I believe that my purpose in life is to make this world a better place by helping people change their life!

Now many people have this as a goal, purpose or dream or whatever you want to call it. HOWEVER, 1% ONLY will do something about it to make it come true in this material world.

I have been through several changes, I met different kind of people, I have been (and still being) challenged mentally, and I had to THINK and DO things the other way than I have always done.

See, this is throwing me out of my comfort zone, and not so many people like to come out of their comfort zone where they have been sitting for so many years. You are settled, you made it your own, it is so familiar to you and VERY SAFE. I have been in my comfort zone for the last 5 years. When I started college, I had so many ideas that I never really worked on. I was only thinking about it and dreaming and fantasizing what could happen if they became reality. But I never took action, I never DID something that could bring me CLOSER to my purpose. Not even one baby step!

The reason is because I was afraid of the unknown, that is some scary shit! You never know what could happen when you go. Nothing is guaranteed, not the success nor the failure. You just kind of floating in the air. Nobody wants that! You want to either fly in the sky or stand on the ground, but not floating in between.

Despite of the floating, which is happening to me right now, I’m just going to do it! I rather float and see what will happen, than die never know how it felt like to just be in between. Because one way or another, you will land on your feet or fly high in the sky. So I prefer the unknown for a period of time, rather than sitting and wondering how it feel like to be successful, to take chances, to change life, to be free, to be happy or to CHANGE.

If you are struggling with whether you should come out of your comfort zone or not, I highly recommend to JUST GO FOR IT. Because maybe that is what you exactly need to reach out for, to get the thing that you’ve always wanted………..LIVING YOUR DREAM.

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