One life

One life

I had a talk with a friend of mine the other day, and we started talking about life.

I think about life, my dreams and goals everyday, and maybe I think about it too much. But I can’t accept the fact that I might not do everything I want to do and wish to do.

When I was talking with my friend about a technique that one can do to understand life I started being very excited and was full of energy. I have read it somewhere, I just can’t remember where.

It says that you have to imagine yourself on the last day of your life, and you have a few hours left before you leave your body and go to another existence. What would you like to tell the people around you, what would you regret and what would you wish that you should have done?

Would it still matter what people said about you, or wanted you to do? Would it still matter if you lived your life for someone else or yourself? Are you going to regret the things that you wanted to do badly? Will failure matter anymore? I don’t think so. When I imagine myself on my last day here on earth I want to be smiling all the time. Very happy, peaceful and full of life. I want to laugh and feel satisfied that I did everything I wanted. They say life full, die empty. That is exactly what I want!!! That I lived a full life, a life of adventure, learned the things I wanted to know, travel around the world, loved the people around me, being loved by my friends and family and loved ones. Before I leave I want to inspire so many people. I want to leave as a legend.

I want to laugh at my failures and make jokes about them, and embrace my success. I want to become a story when I leave, one that people write books about, or tell to those who need to hear it.

If I leave my body after all this, what else matters? If you by then realize that you still did not do all that you wanted, you will not be able to do it. You are leaving in a few hours and you can not turn back time. How would that make you feel?! Maybe you believe in past lives, and that you would come back again, and that is okay. But you will never come back as the person you are now, with the dreams you have now, with the abilities you have now, and being as special to yourself and people as you are now. You might be even better, stronger, braver, happier, but NEVER as the person you are now.

So why wasting it now?

Imagine, your last day on earth before your soul leaves to another existence. Would you die full or empty?

Picture: photographed by me

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