After the rain comes the sun

After the rain comes the sun

When we are not happy with the ‘now’ we seek for hope in the future, but let me tell you that you are making one big mistake. When you always look for hope in the future you will never be happy, because the future will always stay in the future. A bit confusing? Well to make it easier, acknowledge the moment, feel the moment, and live the moment, because that is everything you will have and nothing else. Okay if you think, but Maani what if this moment is so negative, what if this moment makes me unhappy, what if I feel depressed? No worries my friend, here are the magic words that will help you to come out of your misery: ‘How does it serve me?’

Do you understand what I mean? No..? Okay here follows an explanation:

When you feel that something is bothering you, someone is making you upset, a situation is turning out to be a disaster it is because you attracted this to yourself, into your life. When your mind is doing this it means that it will serve you in a way to learn something positive out of a negative situation.

Example: my boyfriend broke up with me and I feel so unhappy. SOOO did this made you realize something, did it taught you a positive thing…? Yes, I should appreciate the people I love

Whatever, this is an example but everybody has his/her own situations of course. When you start recognizing why you attract things in your life you will understand the underlying meaning of every negative situation and just like magic you can turn it into a positive one.

We do not have to wait for the rain to stop and the sun to shine, we can enjoy the rain, let it clean and wash the sorrow and pain away and we will welcome the sun with a brighter smile.  

“Hokus Pokus”

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